Россия построит "сотни" военных дронов к 2015 году

Для того, чтобы удовлетворить потребности обороны и гражданские нужды придется создавать новую отрасль промышленности. Она будет опираться только на отечественных производителей.

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Russia to Build 'Hundreds' of Military Drones by 2025

Russia's military has announced an ambitious drone-building program that could see its armed forces equipped with hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that serve a variety of functions, as part of its 2016-2025 state program for armaments, according to a report by TASS. Sources from United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) told the agency that the Kremlin is committed to redeveloping its military after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he plans to spend trillions of rubles on the armed forces over the next decade. 

The drones will be designed and developed within Russia through a collaboration between UIMC, JSC Vega Radio Engineering (a company that specialized in building surveillance equipment), and the state-owned defense industry. It isn't clear when the first drones will be ready for deployment, however. 

“By 2025, as a result of implementation of [new] measures, the government will get several hundred modern, Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs] of various types. Most of them will be drones used for short ranges, the most needed in [Russian] armed forces,” an official from Russia’s United Industrial Corporation told TASS.

"This is the first program that comprehensively and systemically plans for the development of the drones manufacturing industry in Russia," said Segey Skokov, UIMC Deputy CEO. "For the first time ever it reconciles the requirements of military and law enforcement agencies for drones, the state program for armaments and the industrial measures crucial to implementing the federal agencies’ plans."

The news comes following a spate of reports in the western media which claim Russia has stepped-up its long-range aircraft reconnaissance patrols over Europe and as far north as the Arctic Ocean. This alleged uptick in military activity has led several European nations and NATO to express concern over what they perceive as increased Russian aggression, at a time when the Western powers are at-odds with Russia over the Ukraine conflict. 

TASS said the 2016-2025 state program for armaments is set to be adopted in December of this year, replacing the current 20 trillion ruble plan that covers the 2011-2020 period. Approximately 80 percent of the budget will be spent on "high-tech armaments", with strategic nuclear forces, communications and reconnaissance equipment being the highest priority. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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