Russia Lays Down the Law, Tells Bolton and Bibi to Stop Calling Iranians Terrorists

Patrushev did not meet with Americans and the Israelis to 'sell out' Iran but to warn hands off

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[From Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev statement in Jerusalem]:

In the context of assessments from our partners in relation to an important regional state, such as Iran, I would like to point out next: Iran was and remains our ally and partner, with which we steadily develop our relations in bi- and multilateral formats. In this case, any attempts to present Tehran as the main threat to regional stability and equate it with ISIS and other terrorist groups are unacceptable. 


«В контексте прозвучавших со стороны наших партнеров оценок в отношениикрупной региональной державы, которой является Иран, хотел бы отметитьследующее: Иран был и остается нашим союзником и партнером, с которыммы последовательно развиваем отношения как в двустороннем плане, так и в многосторонних форматах. В этой связи любые попытки представить Тегеран в качестве главной угрозы региональной безопасности и тем более поставить его в один ряд с ИГИЛ* или другими террористическими группировками для нас неприемлемы».

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This is Russia’s Security Council Secretary (in realty, second most influential man in Russia after Putin) Nikolai Patrushev’s statement today in Jerusalem at the meeting with Netanyahu and Bolton.  Recall what I wrote more than two years ago:

If to discount a highly improbable, yet still possible, version that this whole situation is a political theater to cover up something more substantial and logical happening behind the stage, a very serious military alliance between Russia and Iran may begin to emerge very soon. At this stage, it seems to be a very logical and sensible step.

Russia and Iran (through Azerbaijan and Caspian Sea) are tightly connected both by geography and now by common security objectives. Russia will not allow any kind of hostilities, much less regime change in her Caspian underbelly. Iran knows it and she has to make her moves in economic field to accommodate Russia’s efforts.

Iran may start with buying Sukhoi Super Jets 100s and signing the contract for deliveries of MC-21 passenger jets after their trials are over by 2019. This will be a very good step, while Russia makes sure that Iran’s armed forces are properly armed.

I guess, Patrushev was more than explicit today in Israel. It is yet another “win” for Trump’s Administration and those “wins” and “victories” continue to pile up. It seems that Iran’s path to SCO is pretty much predetermined now. Iran already had experience of hosting Russia’s VKS [briefly during some of its Syria missions] and it is well-known fact–where Russian “little green men” or “little green S-400s” or “little greenSU-35s” appear, wars tend to wind down or not start at all. Interesting to hear what Iranians are thinking about it. I guess, Putin will have some things to tell DJT at Osaka this week, and no, I don’t mean assurances that Russia did not interfere with Israe… pardon me, US elections.  Boy, these events are picking up the pace. Amazing.

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Source: Reminiscence of the Future

I was wrong, Jerusalem was not a mere footnote, but neither was it what the Empire hoped for. To the contrary.

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