На смерть Алексея Мозгового. Первые комментарии - Александр Меркурис

По всем отзывам, Алексей Мозговой был талантливым и смелым командиром и достойным и порядочным человеком.

Тем не менее, при всей тяжести этой утраты, сейчас уже смело можно говорить, что она не ставит под угрозу выживание Луганской народной республики. А всего год назад такая опасность вполне могла возникнуть. И это первый комментарий к трагедии.

Можно добавить, что, очень возможно, сбывается предсказание автор об усилении сопротивления со стороны Киева движению вперед в дипломатическом урегулировании конфликта между Россией, Германией и США.

Наконец, характер покушения, и в первую очередь то, что оно произошло в том, же месте, где и аналогичная попытка несколько месяцев назад, а также хорошая информированность убийц о планах Мозгового, наводит на мысль о предательстве в его окружении.

Для проведения полного и квалифицированного расследования преступления, властям ЛНР следовало бы обратиться за помощью к России.  


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First Comments on Alexey Mozgovoy's Murder

That the latest diplomatic moves do not mean the end of the Ukrainian conflict, has unfortunately received spectacular confirmation with news of the murder of Mozgovoy, the militia commander who led the so-called "Ghost" Battalion.

By all accounts Mozgovoy was one of the bravest and most talented militia commanders. He also seems from all accounts I have read to have been a decent and honourable man.

I will leave it to those who knew him better to tell his story. 

I will however say two things:

1. Tragic though Mozgovoy's death is, it should be said clearly that it does not put at risk the existence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, as it might have done if it had happened a year ago;

2. There are unanswered questions about Mozgovoy's death. 

It seems strange that he should have been killed at almost exactly the same spot where a previous attempt was made to kill him just a few weeks ago in March. 

The fact that Mozgovoy's murderers appear to have laid an ambush for him suggests either a degree of inside knowledge or - if they were following him - a breakdown in his security arrangements, which is arguably more alarming still. 

There are also some troubling indications from things Mozgovoy is reported to have said that he might have had some foreknowledge or premonition that he was going to be killed. One should be careful about this and not make assumptions that derive from hindsight. However this is bound to cause concern, which makes it all the more important to establish the truth in this case.

I am not in a position to provide answers to these questions so I will not try to do so. 

However I do think this is a situation that calls for a thorough professional investigation of a sort that I frankly doubt the authorities of the Lugansk People's Republic are capable of carrying out by themselves. 

I presume the authorities of the Lugansk People's Republic realise this and will ask the one place that might provide such investigators - Russia - for help to investigate this murder.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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