Русская супермодель организует благотворительный забег в пользу детей-инвалидов - RI

 $200,000 пожертвовали участники благотворительного забега, который организовала супермодель Наталья Водянова, основатель фонда "Обнаженные сердца". Полторы тысячи участников вышли на дистанцию от 5 до 10 км в Парке Горького в Москве. Собранные средства будут использованы для организации летних развлекательных и образовательных программ для детей-аутистов, или страдающих синдромом Дауна, или испытывающих трудности с обучением.

Наталья Водянова создала свой фонд в 2004 году под впечатлением от теракта в Беслана, где главными жертвами стали дети. Многие из выживших пережили тяжелые психологические травмы.

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Russian Supermodel Organises Charity Run for Children with Disability

Natalia Vodyanova is a Russian top model and founder of the Naked Heart Foundation which organised the charity race held at the Gorky Park in Moscow.

Vodyanova founded the organisation in response to the trauma she witnessed among children who had survived the 2004 Beslan School siege.

<figcaption>Running for a good cause </figcaption>
Running for a good cause

All the proceeds from the charity race are to be used for constructing special play and educational parks for children with disabilities.

Vodyanova and Evgeny Plushenko
Vodyanova with famous Russian figure skater Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko

Sputnik reports from the event.

More than 1,500 people took part in the event. Despite the rainy weather, they ran distances of five and 10 kilometres. Participants could choose the distance to run.

Participants made donations during registration totalling 10 million rubles (over $200,000).

Many Russian media and sports celebrities participated in the race and made donations to the fund. In addition, Russian Paralympic athletes took part in the marathon.

Previously, Vodyanova, known for her avid charity activity, has held fundraising marathons in Paris, and this year the event came to Moscow.

The money will be spent to organize summer interactive and educational leisure programs in special play parks for children with autism, Down syndrome and learning disabilities.

"It is a very important event for the Naked Heart Foundation. We’ve ran for already six years, but this time it’s the first marathon of our own. It’s unprecedented for Russia. All the money raised will be spent on charity," Natalia Vodyanova said.

The Naked Heart Foundation is a charity which helps foster children and children with disabilities. It was founded by Natalia Vodyanova in 2004.

The foundation’s goal is to create safe and stimulating play places for children. More than 100 play parks have been built by the charity in 68 Russian cities.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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