Prominent Ukrainian Nazi Visits McCain for 2nd Time

As we explained in the previous article, McCain is a bit soft in the head these days, what with his age and all, so he probably just doesn't realize whom he is meeting with...

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November 12. Kiev.  (Interfax)  The commanders of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions Semyon Semenchenko (battalion Donbas), Yuriy Bereza (Dnieper) and Andriy Teteruk (Mirotvorets), who have been elected to the Ukrainian parliament, have left for Washington to meet with Senator John McCain.

"The three parliamentarians have gone to Washington for one day to meet with Senator John McCain. They had a connection in Frankfurt-am Main. There was a gigantic line… Their innate politeness didn't allow battalion commanders Semenchenko, Bereza and Teteruk to jump the line," Semenchenko said on Facebook.

Semenchenko was elected to the 8th convocation of the Verkhovna Rada from the association Samopomich and Bereza and Teteruk will represent the party People's Front in the Rada.

Semenchenko also said the purpose of the trip is to "speed up the military assistance to Ukraine."

The volunteer battalions Donbas, Dnieper and Mirotvorets are directly involved in the military operation in eastern Ukraine.


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MORE: Military

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