Санкции больно ударили по финским компаниям

  • Известная молочная компания Valio несет ушерб на 100 млн. долл. и сокращает штат на 10%.
  • 6000 человек потеряли работу по всей стране на сегодняшний день.

Финляндия, некогда один из крупнейших тороговых партнеров России, несет убытки из-за санкций против России. Ее ведущие фирмы испытывают трудности с поисками новых рынков сбыта. 

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Finnish Companies Feel Sanctions Pain

Russia was one of Finland's main trading partners largely due to the proximity of the two countries. However, since the sanctions took effect the country is struggling to substitute the Russian market.

Prospects for Finland's biggest dairy producer, Valio, are looking increasingly bleak while the Russian cheese industry is booming.

<figcaption>Finish(ed) Valio</figcaption>
Finish(ed) Valio

Sputnik reports.

Finland is likely to lose millions of euro in 2015 if the European Union keeps its anti-Russia sanctions in place, Russia’s Trade Representative in Finland Valery Shlyamin said.

Commenting on trade profits for 2014, Shlyamin said that Finland had lost $104 million in losses sustained by the Finnish dairy firm Valio alone.

In April, Valio announced plans to lay off up to 320 employees, citing a 20-percent drop in its exports to Russia. This is Valio’s third wave of layoffs since the introduction of Russia's food import ban, which has affected about one-tenth of the company’s workforce in Finland.

The overall job losses in Finland due to the sanctions amounted to some 6,000, Shlyamin said.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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