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Zionist Dwarf Ben Shapiro Exhorts Americans to Attack Iran, Gets DESTROYED in Comments Which Reflect Mood of Country

Trump knows he can't escalate. People aren't buying this wars for Israel BS anymore.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

An interesting straw poll of how attitudes are changing in America.

It is a mystery why Shapiro has any audience at all, considering his highly irritating way of speaking, jabbering away like angry chipmunk, but some powerful people REALLY want these views out there, so they push him hard, ... but we digress.

Shapiro's audience are boomers, Jews, and other assorted not too bright conservatives who have a high tolerance for nails scratching on a chalk board.

And even they aren't buying his warmongering.

Here is his call for holy war for Israel:

Here is the reaction of his audience:

The 15% of viewers who upvoted the video are either: A) Jews, or B) YouTube's algo goblins, trying to put some lipstick on a neocon midget.

Here is a fair sampling of the thousands of priceless comments:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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