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Zakharova Role-Plays as US Foreign Policy Genius

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova mocks Washington's "strategy" in Syria

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova dabbled in a bit of recreational LARPing during a press briefing in Moscow on Friday. 

During the briefing, a reporter noted Washington's decision to "deploy Marine Corps artillery in Syria, which is a clear departure from the previous administration's vow that there will be no boots on the ground," and then asked for Moscow's reaction. 

<figcaption>Pure class.</figcaption>
Pure class.

Zakharova assumed the role of a Washington "policy maker" and  shot back:

What previous administration? What are you talking about? It didn’t have a consistent Syrian strategy in entire eight years: one day we bomb it, the next day we don’t, one day we pull out of Syria, the next day we go in, one day we overthrow the government, the next day we establish cooperation with it. Such fluctuations occurred on a monthly basis. One branch of government did not understand what the other branch was doing. The position which had to be implemented on the international arena as a consolidated US approach (the international community was supposed to understand this policy, because the issue is about the actions on the international arena), simply was not there. First, there was one concept, then it changed. In the last six months before the elections, we witnessed agony of Washington’s Syrian policy. On the one hand, there was increased activity in the foreign policy area, and, on the other hand, there was activity which was absolutely not supported by the on-the-ground actions of the US military. Do you remember the gap between the position of certain forces in the State Department and the US military?

Then there came an even more mysterious event: they just went ahead and dropped all Syrian politics without seeing it to its logical end. Then they focused on Aleppo, but not on resolving this situation, but solely on building up hysteria and an information campaign geared exclusively to the elections. What can we talk about if we analyse the previous administration’s approach?
I suggest that we leave all that to historians and political scientists and refrain from discussing this seriously, because we can remember perfectly these endless changes and under-the-carpet fighting between US departments. It was just a political battle. Unfortunately, this political battle of the elites clearly continues. Anything goes in this fight.

As our readers will recall, Zakharova recently made headlines after she politely asked a CNN reporter to stop being awful. 

She's tenacious. 

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