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Zakharova Asks Latvia to Kindly Remove Its Nazis From Russia’s Front Lawn

Latvians goose-step in honor of their Waffen SS legion — and Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman is not amused

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Everyone knows what it's like to have a deadbeat neighbor who doesn't trim his shrubberies. But what can you do when your neighbor won't clean up its Nazis? Call the Homeowners Association? Nein

We would like to state for the record that while we find Latvians marching around in commemoration of their SS ancestors extremely distasteful, there's clearly bigger fish to fry — especially if you're the Russian government. 

<figcaption>No Lebensraum for Latvia</figcaption>
No Lebensraum for Latvia

But we do find it very interesting that in the West's fanatically PC culture, SS remembrance marches aren't at least micro-aggressions. And we were never even trigger-warned. 

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman also noticed a few problems with this march:

Latvian veterans of Waffen SS units and their supporters marched through downtown Riga on March 16, while the authorities averted their eyes from an event that is a disgrace to an EU member country. As in the past, MPs from the ruling coalition and likeminded supporters from Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine hailed those who are responsible for the death of thousands of civilians during WWII.

In a particularly cynical gesture, the government in Riga referred to members of the Latvian Legion, which was part of Hitler’s Waffen SS, as freedom fighters and victims of the tragedy that Latvians suffered in the war years.

Russia has made several public statements on these disgraceful gatherings that glorify the soldiers of the Latvian Legion. We reject as unacceptable any attempt to rewrite the outcome of WWII or to call into question the verdicts of the Nuremberg Trials.

Maria ended with: "We hope that the international community and concerned international organisations will provide an appropriate response to what is going on in Latvia."

Good luck with that. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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