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Yugoslav Hero Kills Himself in Court, Spoiling NATO's Kangaroo Farce

"This is poison that I drank."

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This is now the third article we are running about Praljak, and there is another one in the pipeline - because this was a great, heroic deed, a major flipping of the bird to the NATO butchers of the Serbs. The truth is coming out, and there is nothing the globalists can do about it.

Praljak knocking back a shot of poison in court, denying the court the pleasure of continuing their lies - he was dead within 3 hours

Slobodan Praljak, a Croatian hero from one of the last ethnic wars permitted to Whites, committed suicide in court by drinking poison while a judge from the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia gave out the decision that his unjust 20-year sentence would be upheld.

Upon hearing the guilty verdict upheld, Praljak responded that he rejected the verdict of the court because they are a bunch of kebab-loving pussies. He then drank poison (apparently a sort of Bosnian soup) from a bottle, immediately becoming ill and dying a few hours late.

Praljak's last words after hearing his conviction: 

"Judges, Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal. With disdain I reject your verdict!"

Dramatically, he concluded: 

"This is poison that I drank."

Praljak became "notorious" to the globalist media for ordering the destruction of Mostar's iconic Stari Most ("Old Bridge"), 24 years ago, during the Bosnian War and this is the real reason he was put on trial. Symbolism, you see, is important, and to globalist, bridges are almost "fetish objects." 

But the truth is Praljak's action was done for the humanitarian purpose of separating populations that were clearly having trouble living together.

Separating such populations, who are in the habit of murdering each other, is usually given the pejorative name of "ethnic cleansing" by the globalist media. But a better case could be made that Praljak's action saved lives on both sides.

At this time of year, we can see Praljak as one of the personifications of Krampus—the folkloric figure who, during the Christmas season, is sent to disrupt the complacency of the "well-behaved" and punish the naughty.

Praljak's act has dramatically put an end to the smug satisfaction of the liberal news media circus, and highlighted their complacency and stupidity about the wars that followed the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

As for Alt-Right News, we salute this hero, who acted to save his people. Let us hope that the criminals who drove him to his death will have their own day in court.

Source: Alt-Right News

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