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Yats Is Not Our Guy: Poroshenko Asks Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk to Resign

Yats survives a 'no confidence' vote in the Parliament even as 70 percent of Ukrainian citizens say they want him gone

Yesterday Yatsenyuk was facing a vote of no confidence in the government. But Ukraine President Poroshenko intervened to tell the Prime Minister to end the agony and resign:

"It is not clear that successful reforms can only be conducted by a government that enjoys sufficiently high public support?" Poroshenko said in a statement.

"In order to restore trust, therapy is no longer enough -- you need surgery."

Indeed polling shows that Yatsenyuk's party would receive just 1% of the vote if elections were held now, and 70% of the citizens support Yatsenyuk's ouster.

As it was Yatsenyuk survived the no confidence vote as only 194 MPs out of a total of 422 voted to oust him.

An interesting fact is that MPs of the Opposition Bloc (the remnants of Yanukovich's Party of Regions) largely did not vote to oust Yatsenyuk. Just 8 ouf of 43 did so. Which is to say it was within the power of Opposition Bloc to unseat him, but they chose not to. 

We wonder why? Is it the case they decided they don't want to give Poroshenko what he wants, especially as what he wants lately appears to be a government headed by Georgia's ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili who is most famous for starting a war with Russia and cracking down on the opposition.

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