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Washington Makes Big Move in Northern Syria

The U.S. is expanding the Kobani Airport runway and installing radar systems, according to reports. The news comes after John McCain made a secret visit to the city

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A military source from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Monday that the U.S. military began expanding the Kobani Airport runway, south of the city, in order to accommodate larger aircraft. Radar systems are also being installed.

The news comes after John McCain made a secret visit to Kobani in late February.

<figcaption>The Yanks are coming</figcaption>
The Yanks are coming

According to a report by Kurdish media outlet BasNews:

"The US military is expanding the runway of Kobani Airport, in order to receive the giant aircraft," confirming the presence of hundreds of technicians and experts and American military personnel at the airport.

The source explained that "the airport runway in the past was 1,100 meters long with the width of 60 meters, and it is expected to be expanded to 1,700 meters long and 110 meters wide," adding that a four-meter-tall wall will also be erected around the airport.

The source pointed out that "the US forces are also installing high-frequency radar systems on the hills around the airport aiming at protecting the airport from any possible air attacks."

Quite an interesting development. Even more interesting because John McCain recently made a secret visit to Kobani, where he met with American and Kurdish forces.

Usually everything that John McCain touches transmutates into bat guano; so we're expecting some serious American-backed fireworks in northern Syria very soon.

The region has already become a major flashpoint as the 6-year war against Washington-backed "moderate" rebels winds down. Russia recently delivered the northern city of Manbij to Assad while Washington and Ankara were busy squabbling over the fate of the city and the surrounding countryside.

Since then, U.S. convoys have been spotted driving around Manbij and nearby towns. The Americans are also operating out of a cement factory located between Manbij and Raqqa.

In addition, U.S. troops are currently stationed at two military bases in the Kurdish areas of Kobani and Rmelan in northern Syria.

Now Washington is expanding runways and installing defensive systems in Kobani.

It's possible that this move is designed to protect Washington from the possibility of losing access Incirlik airbase in Turkey. The two NATO allies have had some recent "disagreements", to put it lightly.

Either way, McCain stopped by for a visit, and now the Yanks are moving in.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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