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German Politician Willy Wimmer: 'It's Time We Cleaned Up This Mess in Germany'

Germany has not seen comparable clamp downs on freedom of speech since the Nazi era and the GDR

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Sputnik Deutschland. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf

This is an excerpt from an interview between Marcel Joppa of Sputnik Deutschland and former German politician Mr. Willy Wimmer.

More and more people are starting to doubt the global image which is painted by the western mainstream media and are unsatisfied with this type of media coverage. “People get the impression that there is just only one opinion” says Mr. Willy Wimmer, former vice president of OSCE. He complains of a “dark period in the German media landscape”.

Question: Mr. Wimmer, you complain of a loss of plurality in the current Western media. What brings you to this assumption?

Mr. Wimmer:  When we talk about plurality, I would assume that multiple opinions and voices can be listened to and watched in media. But at least since the war in Yugoslavia, which broke international law, the western mainstream media and public TV and radio stations have degenerated to a warmongering tool for interested parties.  Just have a look at CNN and BBC, and you will soon get the impression that there is no longer any plurality, and that there is just one single approved opinion left. This situation poses a deadly threat to our country.

Question: In your opinion, is there a basic connection between plurality and freedom of the press, or is this a complete different matter?

Mr. Wimmer:  No, according to my understanding, plurality is the fundamental basis for freedom of the press – and the fundamental basis for any democratic nation in general. And when we just compare contemporary western media with Russia media, we see the consequences. In Russia media you are allowed to develop and to discuss various thoughts and ideas, whereas in western media, the desired outcome is determined a priori by the journalists in charge, and these guys are just select suitable individuals out of the public or politics, who will support their pre-established opinion. Subsequently, these selected individuals are allowed to show their face and their voice for just 20 seconds or so to the audience, and that is the final result of these radio or television shows. We are facing a media world which seems to be upside down. Having a look at Russia media, they resemble the media we were once used to in the West, over in the past centuries, with guaranteed freedom of press.  And the western mainstream media seem to resemble more and more structures and mechanisms one could observe in the former Soviet Union. We are living in a twisted world right now.

Question: In terms of plurality, you are keeping watch on the German state TV broadcaster “Deutsche Welle”. What is the reason for this?

Mr. Wimmer:  Yes. And I have to be very clear on this point. Some years ago the “Deutsche Welle” chief editor was presented with the fact of just having signed cooperation agreements with the so-called opposition media and thus ignoring all other media channels. And I have to ask the question now: how degenerated are the media relations of this individual? In my mind it is absolutely bizarre to cooperate with media which are antagonistic towards the current government in Moscow.   

Question: Changing the subject, let’s talk about the current refugee crisis in EU. How would you judge the quality of western mainstream media in this case?

Mr. Wimmer:  That is really awful. Germany’s government runs its own agenda without consent and approval from the broader public. Anybody who voices the slightest hint of criticism towards this bizarre game is muzzled by Mrs. Merkel’s helpers and lackeys. We have not seen such comparable atrocious conditions in this country since the year 1933, which was the year Hitler took over, and the era of Mr. Erich Honecker’s communist regime “DDR”. Right now we are walking through a period of doom with respect to Germany’s media landscape.

Question: Well, in Germany one is quickly labeled a conspiracy theorist or an incendiary if they deviate from the mainstream. You have had this ugly experience as well. How do you respond to those people?

Mr. Wimmer:  As long as this ill-fated coalition between the German government and the submissive mainstream media tries to silence any opposing view, we are going to see a departure from the standard democratic conventions and culture. Take a look at Berlin and you will see a large amount of crazy professors and other puppet masters steering a chaotic German government, which still dreams of hegemony in Europe. It’s high time we clean up this mess in Germany.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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