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Will COVID-19 Force the US to Abandon Its Wars of Aggression in the Middle East?

As the Coronavirus epidemic of panic consumes the attention of the world’s media, and the collapse of confidence and currencies compounds the real effects of the virus, there is a question hanging in the air at daily press briefings – at what point will the Imperial powers abandon their insane wars of aggression in the Middle East?

It is a question neither asked nor answered, as those powers pretend they are committed to fight wars they would really like to abandon, while the media plead for them to continue on behalf of the supposed victims. At some point, however, barring a sudden and unlikely amelioration in the pandemic, both governments and people will surely turn all their attention to saving themselves.

It’s not as if pursuing the war on Syria and the theft of her resources is a war of necessity for any of the aggressors, and if the cost of maintaining it is only balanced by political gains or prevention of losses, then that cost may soon be unaffordable. Some early signs are promising – provocative NATO exercises in the Arctic have been cut short, while other exercises have been canceled – notionally because of safety concerns over the Coronavirus threat.

And while it is hardly a pull-out, US forces at camp Taji in Baghdad have been pulled back following a second rocket barrage against the base by Iraqi militia. A significantly different reaction to that following the first attack, when the US targeted the new Karbala airport, killing five civilians and angering the Iraqi government. While the US maintains that it will aggressively defend its indefensible presence in the region, keeping two aircraft carriers there “for the foreseeable future,” that foresight may be limited to weeks or even days as the exponential growth of COVID 19 cases in the US turns its world upside down. Or so we might hope.

In the latest – and frankly quite galling – news, it appears that “non-essential” Australian forces are suddenly coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan “for their own safety.” Although there have been no reports of injuries or deaths of Australians at camp Taji, where most have been based, the Australian government has refused to respond to or even acknowledge Iraqi demands since January that forces leave Iraq. Demands from home that troops return, first to fight the bushfires and now to fight the Coronavirus outbreak have also been ignored. Now it appears that rather than concede to demands and admit that Australian forces have no legitimate reason to be in Iraq, leaders have grabbed at this face-saving alternative. 

The Australian government was given an extra reason to grab at this opportunity following some highly damaging revelations by the ABC last week, and the screening of videos showing war crimes being committed by Australian special forces in Afghanistan – in 2012!  The true scandal of this is that the soldiers involved in such bastardry had been found to have acted in self-defense in an internal investigation, and only the testimony of one brave soldier has seen the crime now finally exposed. After eight more years of action, the soldier responsible was stood down, pending the current inquiry. Sadly the COVID 19 crisis has again come to the Government’s rescue, as this story struggled for traction last week and has now disappeared again.

Casting further doubts on the COVID excuse to bring home the troops, with Australia’s borders now closed even to its own citizens, a new deployment of 2500 US marines to Darwin in April is still predicted to go ahead. The presence of US troops and assets in Northern Australia is also hugely provocative for China, and is at the expense of true Australian trade and political interests. These have already been seriously damaged by the Australian government’s demonization of the Chinese government and actions against Chinese business interests in Australia.

As we follow the Coronavirus trajectory endured in Wuhan, we shouldn’t expect too much sympathy for our societal and economic plight, nor bailouts from our biggest trading partner. That would be the case even if China were verifiably “responsible” for the COVID 19 outbreak – as it is portrayed to be by our media and government. Such was the intensity of this demonization back in January, when tens of thousands of Chinese students were prevented from returning to universities and Chinese tourists barred, that Australia’s sizeable ethnic population was shunned and stigmatized. 

But there is now increasing evidence as well as official confirmation that the COVID 19 virus did NOT originate in China, as detailed here. Naturally, this idea has been trashed as a conspiracy theory by Western leaders and media, but the fact that it has been reported shows some degree of doubt over whether said dismissal could actually be legit. More details continue to emerge which can only add to these doubts, such as the news that the first reported case in Wuhan was unconnected with the supposed source of infection in the seafood market. In addition, there is a possibility that the virus was already circulating much earlier in Italy without being identified as the cause of deaths.

As has been the case in previous events where the Empire has pursued covert agendas and spread a net of lies to facilitate them, it is necessary to consider how these events would have appeared to those who planned them. So for instance in the case of the Skripal hoax, the setting up of the “Russian agents” to visit Salisbury on the chosen weekend in March took place months earlier, and before exercise “Toxic Dagger” primed up the emergency response services before they “went live.” 

What then suddenly becomes apparent is that the act of state terrorism that started the new decade – the murders of Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis – may not have been the first act in the hybrid war against Iran, or may at least have been just one of multiple actions intended to destabilize the government. The first reported cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Iran were not until mid-February, but ahead of most other infections outside China. On the same day that these cases were announced however, the victims died, suggesting infection weeks earlier. Other deaths also soon followed. 

From the start, it appeared that Iran had been targeted with the virus, and the Western media’s obscene reaction to Iran’s misfortune added to this feeling. As was the case with China, the government was immediately accused of trying to cover up the scale of infections and failing to take effective action. Not only was this subsequently denied by the WHO, but the complacency and failure of European and American governments to react pre-emptively has now resulted in even more serious outbreaks in those countries. Both in the US and in Italy, it is claimed – and seems likely – that cases and deaths from the virus went undetected for some months beforehand, and before the isolation of the virus and testing was actually possible.

Whether the Coronavirus pandemic is a work in progress or an operation being manipulated to serve the US agenda is a moot question, but the scale of economic disaster looks set to destroy the “best-laid schemes of mice and men” – if that is what they were. Only the “sudden discovery” of a vaccine could arrest the collapse, at the same time as exposing the scheming, as suggested by Jane Halton in this interview. Inexplicably it seems, work was being done on a vaccine for “Coronavirus” twelve months ago, long before it was “discovered” in Wuhan.

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