'Why Would Assad Do That?' Tucker Carlson Strikes Death Blow to Syria Gas Hoax (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Now that it's over a week since the Assad regime allegedly gassed its own people (for the second time in Trumps presidency, shortly after Trump expressed intent to withdrawal American forces) we can ask the basic questions like "Why the hell would Assad do the ONE THING, chemical weapons, that would draw out the Western nations to attack him?" The Syrian government has been fighting a brutal civil war for over seven years now and it has seen a complete turnover in the interventionist politicians interfering with it.

Assad rule has seen numerous analysts, special interests, and politicians come and go. Under Assad the Syrian state appears to be the state who will break the chain of American imperialism. Syrian and Russian forces have been forced into pragmatic diplomacy; these powers have absorbed provocative attacks by interventionists without retaliation, including attacks by Israeli forces.

Is the public really stupid enough to think that this pragmatic and hardened government would blow away all its success just to enjoy a moment of barbaric cruelty upon civilians?

We don't buy it, and neither does Tucker Carlson.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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