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Why This Site Is the Very Opposite of Hateful - A Christian Letter to My Hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

My websites have a large, international, and highly educated readership, and most of these faithful readers will be bemused that I am posting this statement, so let me explain. In 2017, after spending over two decades in Russia, I moved my family to the US, first to the Connecticut suburbs of New York, where I grew up, and in late 2018, we moved to Lancaster, PA, in the heart of German Pennsylvania and Amish country, where my father's German ancestors have always toiled and prayed since well before the American revolution.

Lancaster is a truly lovely and charming place, a genuinely Christian and churchy place, and I love it dearly for its virtues which would take a whole page to list, but up near the top is the profound decency and goodness of the local people, so instilled with the profound Protestant Christian values of its founding stock. It survives to this day, and you can feel its presence in everything about Lancaster.

With the truly momentous and historic political events unfolding, especially in ourstate, I have raised my voice locally in outrage against the disgraceful steal currently underway by the corrupt and frankly evil elites of our country. I can see very clearly what is happening, because of I have been chronicling it for these past six years, raising the alarm. It is no surprise to me at all that we have arrived at this state of affairs. It has been unfolding with alarming inevitability for years, much of it chronicled on this site.

When I raise my voice locally, good hearted locals on both sides of this crisis sometimes find themselves on my websites, and scanning the headlines and images, they worry, this man must be a RACIST! or an ANTI-SEMITE!

So this letter is first and foremost to my fellow Lancastrians.

In fact, good people, it is precisely the opposite. My sites expose and criticize the haters and evil that have so taken over our world.

I publish three sites in the following order of size, influence and importance:  Russia Insider, which is about all things related to Russia, Russian Faith, which seeks to share with American Christians the extraordinary good news about the remarkable rise of Christianity in Russia, and Truth to Power, a news aggregator about American political realities often not included in not only the mainstream media, but much of the alternative media. This family of sites have been a true alternative media phenomenon, with 100s of millions of page views over the past six years, most importantly, very early in the game. We were among the early pathfinders when most were still asleep.

My political views are uncompromisingly Christian. I believe our political troubles are due to the fact that as a nation we have turned away from God. We worship mammon. We tolerate the slaughter of the pre-born. We tolerate rampant sodomy, pornography, and pedophilia. We tolerate relentless lying by our media and our politicians. We wreak havoc around the world with endless criminal wars which we as citizens pay for, to which we send our sons to participate in murder and be slaughtered in the name of evil. We tolerate an elite which is viciously anti-Christian and makes no secret of the fact that it hates Christianity. We tolerate cowardly and effeminate pastors who refuse to speak out against these moral outrages for fear of offending a few soccer moms in their flock. We flood our country with immigrants, destroying our culture and impoverishing the neediest among us, our working class, to benefit the very wealthy. We tolerate the indoctrination of our youth with anti-Christian and hateful ideologies in our schools and universities. The list is a lot longer than this, but that's a start.

Here is what my sites are about:

  1. We criticize and expose the relentless lying in the media about just about everything, and explains who is doing the lying, and why. We have been raising the alarm since 2014!, well before most Americans realized how dangerous things had become. Well now they do, now that they can see, plain as day, that their civil liberties are being snatched away from them by a lying, bullying, evil elite. Millions have woken up thanks to our work. Their gratitude for and support of these sites, are testimony to the truths laid out here.

  2. We expose and criticize the relentless war machine that we Americans, to our eternal shame, vote into office year after year, to which we send out tax dollars. We speak out for the millions around the world who have become its victims over the past 20 years, in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya, in the Ukraine, and many, many other places. For those of us who are still Christians, we should recoil in horror at the crimes the government commits on a daily basis in our name. And not just Christians but any of us who have a shred of moral decency in us.

  3. We speak out against the moral perversion pushed on us by our elites - the sodomy, the pedophilia, the general moral degeneracy and worship of sexual license which assaults us from all sides.

  4. We expose the fact that much of what we have been told about our history is a stupendous lie - for example, who really started WW1 and WW2, to which Americans sent their sons off to die by the millions? Who really started the Russian revolution, and then crucified the Christian Russian people in the most grisly way for the next 30 years? Who really killed the Kennedys? Who really was behind 9/11? Who really started the Iraq war, and why? Who really is behind the relentless aggression against Chistian Russia in our day? Who is behind our endless wars in the Middle East?

Dear Lancastrians, those of you who think of yourselves as Christians, you have a responsibility to God Almighty to ALWAYS speak the truth, and in order to speak it, you have to be able to get to the bottom of it. God made you free men precisely for this reason. Our country was founded on this truth. Never, ever, ever!, let anyone shut down that free inquiry by shouting RACIST! at you. What impudence! It is the people who are shouting this who are the unwitting tools of the true haters.

It is the vilest trick of the Devil himself to effectively shut down any criticism of the most evil elements of our society, by shouting RACIST! You are not haters, which is what they presumably mean by that term. Any serious Christian knows the following to be true - the favorite tool of the Devil is the lie. He lies brazenly, knowing that humans often get taken in by it. One of deadliest techniques of the inveterate liar, is, when you catch him in a gross crime, is shriek at you and anyone who will listen that you are the actual evil person. Don't fall for it. It is a liar's favorite ploy.

God gave you freedom of inquiry, freedom of will, and freedom of speech. None of these can exist without the other. The minute you give in to this sneaky trick, you let them snatch away these rights from you. Never do that! Never give up that freedom! Give those away without a fight, and it is only a matter of time before you are slaves.

One thing I have insisted on on my sites is to have the intellectual freedom to criticize Jewish elites if and when it is appropriate, something I have received enormous praise for. This is not hateful, and it certainly doesn't mean that all Jews are bad people, which no serious person believes. Many prominent Jews have also begun speaking out against the outrageous criminality of some of their elites. I have expounded on this subject at length here. Haters of truth detest that I spoke up about this. I have recently been attacked, now for the umpteenth time, by the SPLC, one of the most vile and corrupt organizations in our country. I responded very forcefully here, proving once and for all what a vile pack of liars they are. Do not let these professional con men trick you into thinking I am wrong. It is cancel culture at its very worst and pernicious. We are exposing the haters, and they want at any cost to prevent people from realizing that.

My sites criticize the evils listed above, and advocate a Christian approach to affairs, and in response, the very people doing this evil turn around and call me a hater. Surely the preoposterous brazenness of this endless lying must be obvious by now. The true haters of goodness and truth are the ones doing the killing on a mass scale around the world, pushing the sodomy, the pedophilia, and most importantly the lies.

Don't be taken in by them as so many well-meaning, liberal Lancastrians have. Their perfidy is now on full display as they make their final, vicious grab to steal this election, and your civil rights in the process - your freedom of speech and right to vote.

We Americans are the heirs of the Protestant reformation, which was a revolution against precisely this kind of dishonesty and corruption which was rampant in Europe 500 years ago. Our ancestors fought and died (and won) in Europe against hopeless odds for their freedom, which they bequeathed to us as a precious legacy. They came to this country determined to create a Christian society which would never fall back into slavery and repression.

The colonists understood very well, based on their own life experience, that a Christian, moral country can only exist if the people's right to think and speak freely is gauranteed. It was a wildly popular idea at the time, and that is why it found its way into our Constitution. That is what makes America different from the rest of the world. No other country has ever been founded on these ideals. The true haters are doing their best to destroy what our ancestors built. They hate our freedoms as much as they hate God. Indeed, it is our duty as Christians, to not shy away from struggle to do what is right in God's eyes.

It's time to wake up, to speak out, to organize, and to fight back! If you're not willing to do that, neither you nor your descendants deserve to be free.

I highly recommend watching this whole speech by Nick Fuentes at a Stop the Steal rally in Phoenix, Arizona today. He gets it right. More of us need to stand up and speak the truth like he is.

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