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Why Saudis Tried to Spread News Russia's Yemen Ambassador Was Killed in Raid

Fake news. Wishful thinking

A spectacular news hit English tabloid sites Friday. The Russian Embassy in Yemen was breached by gunmen who went on a shooting spree killing the Ambassador dead.

Yemen had become Russia's Benghazi humiliation.

Except promptly Russians denied the news. There had been no raid and no assassination.

Sun, Express and Daily Star who ran with the story cited Saudi media as the source.

Now why would Saudi journalists want to spread/believe this bit of fake news?

This is very easy to understand. The Russian embassy in Yemen is located in its capital Sanaa. Sanaa is under the control of the Houthi-Saleh coalition which Saudi Arabia which backs a rival US-engineered government is at war with.

Correspondingly western powers have closed their embassies but Russia has kept its open which obviously grants a measure of legitimacy to Saleh who maintains he remains Yemen's rightful president.

So in imagining that gunmen had stormed the Russian embassy in Sanaa and executed the ambassador the Saudis were engaging in that most human failing -- wishful thinking. Specifically the Saudis were fantasizing that their enemies have begun to turn on each other, and that Russians will now regret not closing their diplomatic mission to Sanaa along with western powers.

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