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Why I Admire Stalin: He Stood Up to Jewish Power, Among Other Things

Editor's note: this is a reader's comment from the Darkmoon website. Contains a good, simple argument demonstrating that the figure bandied about that Stalin was resonsible for the death of 10s of millions of Russians (70 million is often mentioned), is ridiculous, exaggerated nonsense, similar to the Jewish 'Holocaust' exaggerations. Russian historians have made convincing arguments that the number is less than 1 million. The following note is from the admin of that site:

ADMIN: Though we are an anti-Stalin website, we invited a staunch supporter of Josef Stalin to write an article in praise of Stalin entitled ‘Why I Admire Stalin’, or a similar title of his own choice. Since Lobro omitted to provide his own title, we have gone with the original title suggested. We promised to publish Lobro’s article without any editorial interventions, so here it is in Lobro’s own words, exactly as he wrote it. 

As promised, this is 100% freehand, based on my memory of what I have heard and read over the past several years during which I developed a rather intense curiosity about Russia, the bastion of Aryan race and the final stronghold of freedom and relatively unsullied Christianity—while in no way disparaging other ethnicities or religions (aside from the richly deserving servants of Antichrist).

Some of the authors come to mind that are a treasure trove of revealing data and information made recently available, including numerous archival documents, microfiches, facsimiles, translations and so on:

Laurent Guyenot, Grover Furr, Valdas Anelauskas, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a bunch of others footnoted by the above authors and randomly cross-checked by me.
Circassian can double-check for errors in memory and correct as necessary, he surely knows much more and if not, the above authors are invaluable reference, e.g., Furr’s “Khrushchev Lied”, where he uncovers the fact that Khrushchev’s famous anti-Stalin speech after he took the Party control was riddled with pure lies, his 61 points of accusation against Stalin refuted one by one, 60 out of 61 claims, yet this speech forms the bulk of Robert Conquest’s work that made him famous and irreplaceable to the Jewish masters of the West.

You can freely download Prof Furr’s book, another one in my possession is a hardcopy named “Yezhov vs. Stalin”, not available otherwise.
You can also see him on youtube, e.g., something like “Continuing revision of Stalin era”. Internet search gives you wealth of census data, very detailed and broken down and cross-referenced in many ways, by age, ethnicity, location, sex, education, etc, etc.

Essentially, the timeline runs as follows:

1917—Talmudist Bolshevik takeover, plotted and financed by Jew bankers and financiers in the West, who despite wearing different disguises, communists, Zionists, capitalists, were in fact different units in the same army, working toward the unified goal of Messianic promise of world domination.

Even though Lenin was the nominal head, his merely partial jewish bloodline rendered him suspect to the vast majority of commissars and party leaders, practically all Jews, so they tried to kill him when a Jewess (Dora Kaplan??) shot him from a close range (1919?) but her aim was a bit off and she merely wounded him, seriously enough to cause a lingering decline and death over the next few years.

In response, he appointed Joe Stalin as his deputy and withdrew into Kremlin where he was safe from Jew machinations as they maneuvered for another shot at him.
When he finally died (1924?), Stalin through wily maneuvering was able to amass Politburo power and began purging Jews from the top ranks, including trials of the worst criminals against humanity, the ones responsible for the ugliest atrocities against Russian folk, including Yezhov, Trotsky, Kamenov, Zinoviev, Radek and numerous others.

Some facts and factoids in no particular order:

His best friend Kirov was assassinated by Jews, he never got over that.

He refused the highest medal, The Hero of Soviet Union, because he didn’t feel worthy of it, since it was meant to be awarded for battlefield exploits. In his later years, he went back to his Christian monastic roots, allowed and encouraged rebuilding of religious networks in Russia and other parts of the Union. Never pursued personal wealth accumulation, lived very modestly like a country peasant, surrounded by books and his beloved pipe, and vodka (I think, not sure—Circassian?)

The only leader in history who openly confronted powerful Jews, put them on trial and where evidence warranted and tribunals proclaimed them guilty, allowed their execution– THE ONLY ONE, I repeat.

The greatest slaughter and persecution of innocents occurred immediately after 1917 takeover, it eased off considerably after Stalin took power, even though it did continue due to extreme size of the country and backwardness of communication systems so that the atrocities occurring far from the centers of government frequently went unreported for a long time, Jews making the best use of the allotted time.

Ukrainian Holodomor is greatly exaggerated and isolated as a unique event, when the truth is that Russia suffered periodic famines and not just in Ukraine but other areas, a seasonal disaster going back to 19th century and earlier, similar to present famines in Africa or bushfires in Australia, North America and elsewhere. In fact, the famous Holodomor WAS THE LAST SUCH FAMINE EVER—due in no small part to centralized planning—despite all its faults and ineptitude. The Jew in charge of securing harvests was found guilty of homicidal negligence due to his “enthusiasm” and executed on Stalin’s orders.

Despite all the hardships, Soviet population grew between 1920 and 1940 before the war.Likewise, the expected lifespan or mortality rates were the best ever, whether compared to Tsarist Russia or even today’s Russian Federation even though under Putin, the birth rates, health care and overall prosperity ensures that it is catching up fast.

On the final note (getting tired and wanting to wrap it up quickly):

Russians today consider him the greatest Russian or even the greatest man who ever lived, I suppose second to Christ. Now think about this for a moment: if it is true that he bears the responsibility for murder of 60+ million ethnic Russians, why would they venerate him so? Without going into actuarial calculations, if on average each one of us has say, 10 close relatives, that means that the murder of each one of us affects at least 10 people, of course with numerous overlaps, which only asserts that every survivor can claim DNA link to several ancestral victims.

With 60 million victims, every Russian alive today might say that Stalin was directly responsible for the death of, say, 7-8 of his close blood relatives. And yet they think he is the best thing that ever happened to Russia, better than Peter The Great, Catherine, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Mendelev, Tchaikovsky, martyred imperial family of St. Nicholas … what gives?!?

And there can be no doubt that Russians are by orders of magnitude better educated than Americans, especially in history and geopolitics, they follow it like the Americans follow NASCAR, NBA and NFL leagues.

Source: Darkmoon
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