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Why Did the Famous Trouble-Stirrer John McCain Spend His Holidays Touring Frozen Conflicts on Russia's Borders?

For New Year's McCain was back in the ex-USSR

Most people want to spend the New Year's eve with their families. John McCain spent it holed up in a forward combat outpost with Ukrainian marines on the frontlines against Ukraine's pro-Russian rebels. On the New Year he then travelled to Georgia where he preached about the need to "stand up to Vladimir Putin". Before Ukraine McCain was visiting the Baltic states where NATO has been steadily increasing its troop presence citing a Russian threat.

McCain had once famously spent the night holed up with Syrian rebels who later turned out to be hard-core jihadists. Likewise he joined the anti-government protestors in Ukraine in 2013 who spearheaded by far-right street fighters (and snipers) would go on to overthrow the Ukrainian president Yanukovich.

In other words McCain has a history of reckless photo ops which A.) end up an embarrassment for him and B.) end up encouraging radicals and promoting chaos.

McCain had a famously close relationship with Georgia's Saakashvili who launched a war in 2008 against the breakaway republic of South Ossetia and the Russian peacekeepers stationed there. Saakashvili is long gone however and the new government has distanced itself from such adventurism so fortuately there isn't a danger the McCain factor will have grander consequences here.

Kiev however, would be well advised not to mistake the egging on by a hardline US legislator for official American support -- the very mistake Saakashvili comitted in 2008.


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