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What we would do with more funding

We constantly see stories crying out for coverage which we don't have the resources to cover.  Here are some things we plan to do once we have the resources.  If you would like to see one of these topics covered, or some other topic, and are able to provide financing for it, please contact us directly, or send a few $ to our crowdfunding campaign.


Do more media criticism - Covering how the mainstream media covers the Russia story has led us, a bit by accident, to become experts in exactly how, why, and where, the media behavior that goes beyond incompetence, and reeks of malpractice, corruption, and fraud.  We can point out dozens of examples of outright lying by leading American and European media personalities, weird coordination of headlines, relentless war-mongering by a small group of networked Russia-bashers at key publications, and much more.  Send us money, and we will write it up.  We see it going on every day.

Do more investigative reporting - we've already done some important investigative reporting, for example, breaking the story of Kiev massively understating the extent of their military casualties, confirmed 4 months later by the mainstream media.  We've got many more topics like this that need attention.

Dramatically increase number of stories per day -  We currently publish about 40 headlines per day, but daily have to pass on a lot of great material.  With a little more manpower, we could easily put out twice as many, or more.  We also want to increase original material.

Create our own audio and video material - We have great people who know how to do this and would do a great job.  Huge opportunities here.

Produce more original material - We are in touch with dozens of excellent writers, most of them American or English, who already produce amazing stuff.  Some of them are world-class investigative reporters.  If we were able to pay them, we could commission an enormous amount of material.  No need to hire, train, etc, these people are already there, and we already know them.

Present material from Russian media translated into English - Russian media is full of excellent, high-quality, fascinating material, which would make a great contribution to Western understanding of the country.  This is especially needed on political and economic topics, but it covers all areas - culture, society, and much more.  Unlike during the Soviet years, the public discussion is very lively, multi-faceted, and of a very high intellectual level.  In some ways it is superior to public debate in the west, because it is not as muffled by PC self-censorship.  Yes, the government seeks to manage the debate, but there is still an enormous amount of excellent media of all kinds, especially television.  We have an enormous number of volunteers prepared to translate material into English, but we need the editorial staff to organize it, and provide commentary and context.

The whacky world of German media  -  To our mind, this is jaw-droppingly good stuff, endless material.  We keep going on about this, because it is so very rich.  The German media make the UK and US media seem tame and reasonable by comparison.   It's a great story:  crass propaganda, blatant lying, CIA and German Secret Service involved up to their eyeballs, triggered a citizen revolt when the propaganda went into overdrive over Ukraine, German politicians scurrying for cover.  We can't wait to cover this one, its priceless, and its not going away.  We want to tell the story of the implosion of a very rotten system, and hasten its well-deserved demise.

Create a German language edition -  We get a huge number of views from Germany, and because we understand the subject, we know that there is a strong demand for alternative views in the German market.  We would love to put out a German edition of some sort.  If you can help us make it happen, that would be amazing.  Volunteers welcome too.

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