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What We Are Doing At Russia Insider, and Why - Summer Fund Drive Appeal from the Editor

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Charles is the founder and editor of Russia Insider. He can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter and on Steemit.

Those of you who have followed Russia Insider’s progress since our start 5 years ago will have no doubt noticed that it has been a journey of discovery, peeling the onion while on a highly entertaining ride in pursuit of the truth. It is a journey readers, donors, and creators of RI have traveled together, and I would not trade it for anything in the world.

I have often said, and I entirely believe, that Russia is the anvil on which the biggest lies and deceptions of our age will be smashed to pieces. It has been a central actor in so many of the most important historic dramas of the last century - Communism, WW2, the Cold War, and the surprising rise from what appeared to be total collapse. China and India and Brazil are big and important countries, but for some reason Russia is the prism for so many truths coming to light in our age, perhaps because it straddles East and West, and because, ironically, it is the last free white Christian European country of consequence. It is no accident that the rotten and corrupt globalist elites in America would seize on Russia as their most hated enemy, and conjure up the RussiaHoax which has so dominated our political discourse, and so completely exposed their perfidy.


News about Russia has slowed down over the past 8 months as the Ukraine and Syria stories have gradually receded. RussiaHoax will come back with a vengeance as we near 2020, but will be in a holding pattern over the lazy summer. But there is so much of even more interest and enormous value to be discovered in peeling back the lies about WW2, about the Bolsheviks, and Russian history in general. The possibilities are literally endless.

The results of my decision to make a fair discussion of influence of Jewish elites a regular theme of the site can now be assessed. I published my ‘Jew Taboo’ article 18 months ago, and it has now been read about half a million times, with translations into 4 languages, but what I am more pleased with is that we have followed through on the promise made in that essay to bring to light a huge cache of important articles on the subject, and since then we have published over 200 excellent articles in our ‘Jewish Question’ category, averaging 3 per week. I promised at the time to only publish fair, factual and well-considered criticism, free of hate and cant, and I am glad to have made good on that important ventilation of a subject that was suffocatingly repressed. Some critics have squawked and complained that we are peddling hate, but I challenge anyone to show me an example of that in articles we publish. I stand by every one. Our treatment of this important subject has not hurt our traffic or popularity.

Reaction to this editorial course has been pretty evenly split down the middle, with the more intelligent and honest half expressing support and saying that this was long overdue and ultimately helpful to public discourse. It is interesting to note that the dissenting half are often in the alternative media and perhaps sense that they have something to lose by voicing support, so I don’t know how heartfelt their dissent is.

It now turns out that just about everything we have been told about WW2 is a whopping lie.

Some complain about the comments section, but I cannot control that, short of shutting it down altogether, and have learned to see it as a rowdy free-for-all where a discerning reader can pick up gems of valuable additional information, if he is smart enough to find it amongst the ruckus. With our limited resources we do our best to kick out the loonies and the government employed trolls (your tax dollars at work). When faced with the choice of shutting it down and leaving it open, I say keep it up - it brings value to the discussion. So I want to say special thanks here to those commentors who do make those sometimes invaluable contributions. Thank you!

Once we begin to scrutinize the staggering fabric of lies that have been spun by Jewish elites over the past 100 years or so, one inevitably arrives at the 'Holocaust', which I am now convinced one can fairly say, based on articles republished on this site over the last year, did not happen. Furthermore, it turns out that almost everything we have been told about WW2 is in fact not true, which has big implications for Russia which has attached so much of her national identity to the legend that she fought and won a just and 'good' war. She is still in search of a 'National Idea', so I suppose this makes the search even more timely.

The quantity and quality of the excellent and indisputable scholarship on this, a good chunk of it written by Ron Unz himself, (RI archive here) merited creating special sections devoted to 'Holocaust' debunking and WW2 revisionism. No doubt many will be surprised by my views here, as I was when I realized the import of this new information, but I think if you take the time to read the articles in these sections, if you are an honest man, you will likely change your mind.


An immediate and very important result of my decision is that other sites, like, The Saker, and many other sites began publishing more on the subject, which we subsequently republished, creating a truly invaluable body of knowledge spread across many sites. Many highly respected individual writers who had avoided the topic began to speak up, generating invaluable content. and many others have in turn published many of our articles on this crucial subject. If you are looking for the truth about influence of Jewish elites, it is now widely and popularly available, impossible to remove short of shutting down the entire internet, and has been read by 10s of millions. There is more information out there than has ever been available ever in the history of mankind, for free no less, which brings me to my next point.

I suppose in the news business Pessimism and Chicken Little sells, and perhaps scribblers as a species, particularly in the alt-media family, tend to gloom and doom, no doubt due to general poverty, bad posture, lack of exercise, feeble or non-existent Christian beliefs, and addicting inundation in the very gloomy web they collectively spin. Let’s not forget spending a lot of time on Toxic Twitter, something I successfully avoid. I do not share this defeatist view. Looking at the facts, I would say that our age might be one of the very greatest ever to live through, precisely because just about anyone who wants to can get to the truth on a great multitude of lies that have caused a vast amount of misery, particularly over the last 150 years, i.e., since the invention of ‘mass media’, and millions are. History has seen nothing like it.

And I am not terribly worried about the latest efforts at censorship. Yes, they are outrageous and evil and an insult to free men everywhere, but I do not see how they can be successful. It is not at all surprising that our rotten establishment will try to stamp out knowledge which threatens it. This is what establishments do when the spread of technology and knowledge unhorses them, but this rarely works, and likely will not in our age. Current efforts remind me of the Catholic Church banning books in the 17th and 18th centuries, or the USSR outlawing Xerox machines. Understandable given the circumstances, but slightly pathetic in hindsight. The fact is that people are very stubborn about pursuing the truth once they have gotten a taste of it, for it is like fresh mountain air and sunlight after a dank dungeon, and it is a thankless task of whack-a-mole trying to stop them, while exposing the censors for the scoundrels that they are, hastening their very demise.

Sorry, but the cat is out of the bag on much that was previously misunderstood, now it is just a matter of time before a majority of free men adjust their views. Will it lead to less misery in the world?, well that depends on us, doesn’t it? Let us strive for it. Surely it is an improvement that control of the narrative, thanks to The God of Technology, has slipped from exclusive control of the demonstratively evil, and is now shared with honest men who seek the truth.

Other topics we hammer away at include: The need to stop and reverse migration both in Europe and the US, which is literally destroying those civilizations; the evil of the LGBT culture of death, the importance of exonerating Julian Assange and Snowden, and the pressing need for Trump to get off his duff and do something about internet censorship. We mix this in with as much as we can find about Russia which brings out what is usually lied about and hidden by mainstream media, especially her extraordinary Christian renaissance, which we have created a whole separate site about called Russian Faith.


If you are with the 50% who agree that what we do is valuable and important and most importantly, good, then please give generously, as the other 50% probably will not. This project has always been run at a financial loss to me personally and the many who have worked on it over the years have done so for a pittance, or for free, but with the satisfaction that they were doing something important and good. I share their conviction, and as I said above, would not trade the experience for anything. We are financially stable and will be around for many years to come.

My family and I moved back to the US last year and have settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where Bausmans first settled in 1720 from the German Rhineland. It is a wonderful town and county rich with family and community ties and a great perch from which to survey the shambling progression of These DisUnited States. If there are any fans of RI in the area, don't hesitate to reach out at the email above, I would be glad to be in touch. We keep an apartment in Moscow, and visit regularly, and are still very connected to Russia.

It takes an enormous amount of hard work by a small but dedicated team to keep Russia Insider going. We will soon go on a long and well-deserved summer vacation, something I have found is essential for the team (and myself!) to survive the relentless tempo of the regular news cycle. We'll be back in September, with plans to blow up even more nonsense and lies in the coming year. The 2020 election season will no doubt be one for the record books, and just contemplating the possibilities evokes fond memories of what we, the original Russian meddlers, were able to achieve in 2016. (I never did get that subpoena from Herr Mueller I was hoping for!)

The more you give, the more resources we can throw at uncovering the truth, and believe me, there is so much more out there, as the last year has shown. One thing I have learned over the past 5 years is that The Truth really does set you free.

Thank you for your strong support over the years! All this would have never happened without it.

Charles Bausman

Editor and Founder

Russia Insider

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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