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What Is Orthodox Christianity? Famous American Priest's 2-Minute Video Crash Course

Strangely convincing

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Here's another remarkable video with Father Andrew Stephen Damick, a popular Antiochian Orthodox Archpriest. 

As someone who grew up the son of Evangelicals, Fr. Andrew has firsthand experience with discovering the Orthodox faith--and his excitement about it comes shining through in whenever he speaks. 

Damick is a great speaker and apologist, famous for his blog, his podcast, and his book Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, which we highly recommend.

His main points: 

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1. Orthodoxy: the original Christian Church. 

2. Its Purpose: to bring every human person into the Love of God, so that everyone can be healed of their brokenness so that everyone can grow to their true potential, which is to become like God.

3. How?: connecting with Him through sacraments and prayer

4. The Church: the extension of the love of God into Mankind

5. For Whom? Everyone is wanted, everyone is needed.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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