Here Is Why the FBI Should Be a Prime Suspect for Leaking Podesta's Emails

The rank and file FBI could have had the means and certainly had the motive -- there were few people more hated at the agency than Hillary Clinton

This is going to be pure conjecture and speculation but unlike the mainstream media when we do it we don't pretend it is more than that. Clinton, the Democratic Party, the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA have all by now accused Russia of hacking the email archive of Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta and releasing the contents to the public.

None of them have presented any credible evidence which has not stopped the mainstream media from parroting the accusations on a daily basis. We can't tell you who leaked the Podesta emails, but the Russia explanation doesn't sound terribly straightforward to us. Certainly we can think of a few other explanations likelier to cut the Occam's razor.

Here is one: what if it was leaked by someone at the FBI who was pissed that Clinton was getting away with blatant disregard for security procedures in her time as Secretary of State?

Here are a few facts that may lead one to believe that is plausible:

1. As Craig Murray (a Wikileaks associate) helpfully points out John Podesta was a registered lobbyist for Saudi Arabia. As such he would have been of interest to US intelligence services. In other words the NSA would likely be collecting his correspondence. (Albeit there is reason to believe they pretty much harvest anything they can anyway.)

2. As Andrew Napolitano (former judge and 'legal analyst' for FOX TV) reminds us

The raw data these agencies examine is the same. Today America’s spies rarely do their own spying; rather, they rely on the work done by the National Security Agency. We know that from the Edward Snowden revelations. We also know from Snowden that the NSA can monitor and identify all digital communications within the United States, coming into the United States and leaving the United States. Hence, it would be foolhardy and wasteful to duplicate that work. There is quite simply no fiber-optic cable anywhere in the country transmitting digital data to which the NSA does not have full-time and unfettered access.

In other hands what raw Podesta data the NSA had, the FBI could have as well.

3. We know for a fact that the rank and file at the FBI was mad that Clinton had gotten away with security breaches that anyone else would have faced criminal persecution for and positively enraged that their agency was complicit by clearing her. In fact during the campaign disgruntled FBI agents and Podesta got into a something of a tug of war leaving the impression that Director Comey who had initially cleared Clinton was on the cusp of losing control of the agency.

So here's a hypothesis: When political appointee Comey said in July that FBI would not pursue a case Clinton this left the professional FBI investigators disgusted. They were even more disgusted because thanks to NSA snooping the agency had raw Podesta data that it was refusing to look at. They therefore released this material which originated from Clinton's private server in order to force Comey's hand and get a real investigation going before Clinton became president and immune to persecution.

How is that for a theory? And we're not even saying its true. Just that in a sane environment this would be a line of investigation that would be looked into way before anyone started seriously considering explanations as exotic as "the Kremlin did it".