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Western Media Completely Misrepresents Ukraine Flare-Up - Civilians Brutalized Again

The latest in a ugly parade of disgraceful journalism from the western media

Here is a report from the Saker on what is going on.  The Western news agencies and major media were full of reports this morning with headlines like "Ukraine Says Rebels Attack", etc, etc.  Why?  Because they have no one on the ground, and so are reduced to either printing what the side they are rooting for is saying, or admitting they have no idea what is going on.  

The media is just telling one side, as they have throughout this very real and very fatal war

It is beyond pathetic, and a lot of innocent people are dying on both sides, something that wouldn't be happening if the media would just do its job.

In fact, it looks like what the rebels are saying is closer to the truth.  Kiev attacked defenseless civilians for the 100th time, (for their own obscure political reasons), and in reply, the rebels hammered them again.  There are reports that Ukrainian hospitals are filling up with wounded, suggesting serious casualties on the Ukrainian side.

We read a lot of the analysis, and the Saker is, in our opinion, the best at sorting through the claims and counter-claims and coming up with something which probably approximates the truth.

His report appeared yesterday on his website.

The Russia media is reported on Wednesday that Donetsk was hit by a record 800 artillery shells.  The Telmanovo suburb was hit particularly hard, but the shelling was also very violent in the airport region.  Furthermore,  DNR intelligence services have reported a steady movement of Ukronazi forces towards the line of contact.  These forces include tanks and artillery systems, even multiple rocket launchers.  Yesterday, a group of 8 tanks backed by armoured personnel carriers attempted to attack Novorussian positions, but there were beat back.  Two Ukronazi tanks were destroyed.  Does that mean that a junta attack is imminent?


The logical conclusion would be that yes, indeed, an attack is imminent and that the current Ukronazi attacked are probing attack, reconnaissance by fire, to test the Novorussian defenses.  It makes no sense at all the bring in more and more forces and then keep the in the field doing nothing.  But then, the junta has done so many illogical and plain stupid things during this war that I would not put it past them to just move forces and order shelling to, say, “impress” the British Defense Secretary.  This is a time tested Ukronazi policy: every time some high ranking western official shows up on Kiev, they beg for money and show their “magnificent” resolve to “defend Europe against the Russian hordes”.  Shelling civilians is usually how this resolve is demonstrated by the Ukronazis.

Still, even though it may sound like we are crying wolf, we should keep on reporting that the junta forces are poised for an attack regardless of whether this attack actually materializes or not, if only because that is yet another direct violation of even the very first provisions of M2A which, as I have been saying for weeks now, is dead, dead, dead, dead and dead.  The only reason why so many pretend that it is not is because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.  Still, M2A was stillborn and never had a chance.  As long as a Nazi junta is in power in Kiev there is no hope for peace.  None.

The Saker

UPDATE: Predictably, the West blames Novorussia.  See here.  Apparently, the Novorussians are “shelling themselves” again…

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