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Western Leaders Know MH-17 and Khan Shaikoun Were False Flags. When Will They Crack?

  We know what happened in Khan Shaikoun, and what happened to MH17, but so do the criminal leaders who organised those events that shook the world. When will they crack?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

One of the things that allows the fraud of “fake news” to persist as a means of invalidating dissenting points of view is the use of simplistic and emotive themes that cover for a lack of evidence. Some key examples spring to mind and are worth examining.

Take “Assad’s use of chemical weapons”. If evidence and facts were to be involved, this notion could never have existed, leave alone survived for five years without challenge in the Western world. In all the cases where this charge was made against the Syrian government, and specifically against Bashar al Assad, no evidence was presented on the origin of missiles carrying the gas, nor even evidence that it – Sarin or Chlorine – was present as claimed, or responsible for killing people. In fact, there was negative evidence, both physical and logical, that Syrian forces had not and would not have used such weapons, even against the militants they were trying to kill.

That the Syrian army or any of its allies would do such a thing defies logic and lacks any sensible motive. Yet it was this particular aspect that led the claims Assad was “gassing his own people”. While there was a real lack of evidence – naturally enough as the “Sarin gas attacks” likely did not even occur – in the court of Western public opinion evidence doesn’t count; Assad did this because he is a “brutal dictator”, and this is what such people do.

Consider another example – the downing of MH17 over East Ukraine. This atrocity has passed into the Western collective mind as proof of Russia’s – and Putin’s – callous inhumanity and pursuit of self-interest at all costs, and as symbolic of Russia’s expansionist agenda that the West must counter. This fraud perpetrated knowingly by Western powers – against their own populations as well as Russia’s – shares many features with the Syrian Sarin fraud. There was no real evidence that the “Separatists” had brought down the plane, and the silly stories produced by dodgy bloggers and suspect Intelligence agencies were rapidly debunked. Meanwhile there was substantial evidence that MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets, from both bullet holes in the cockpit and witness accounts – or the lack of them.

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And again there was ample circumstantial evidence that Separatists were not responsible, even for hitting MH17 by mistake, including a lack of any motive. Yet the West’s response to the attack held them responsible and culpable, as if they had intended to kill 300 innocents just for the hell of it, because they were like that. And they were like that because they were just Russian puppets, following the directions of their leader, Tzar Putin.

That there is a similarity between these two events and the way they have been presented and used by the Western coalition is of course no coincidence – they are two fronts in the same military and propaganda war on Russia and her allies. But one suspects there is more to it than this; the current ramping up of Ukrainian campaign against Donbass has nicely coincided with events in Syria, which itself is being forced to fight on two or more fronts at once. The US coalition in Syria has also repeatedly used this strategy to help its terrorist proxies, notably during the liberation of Aleppo.

The similarity also extends to the state of play in these conflicts, with false flag operations apparently launched to break the advantage of the enemy; just as the Donbass separatists were prevailing over the Ukrainian army in July 2014, the Syrian Army was gaining ground both in Ghouta in 2013, and Khan Shaikoun in 2017. This of course directly contradicts the “arguments” made in Western media that the SAA launched its gas attacks in desperation. That this was a straight out lie had little effect on its appeal to Western subject populations, primed to imagine Syria’s President as some sort of cartoon image of a cornered wild beast.

In some circumstances one could imagine the corollary to this crime of false accusations as relatively neutral; just because the accused were not guilty of the crimes doesn’t necessarily incriminate their accusers. But not so in this case. Clearly someone shot down MH17, and if it wasn’t the Separatists or their alleged Russian supporters, then it must have been their opponents. Whether these opponents were neo-Nazi groups only loosely controlled by the Kiev “government”, or Ukrainian army conscripts acting on orders hardly matters; both were ultimately in the service of the US state that installed the government in Kiev, and supported the campaign against the Donbass pro-Russian resistance.

We should also not forget that the US had surveillance satellites that recorded the crash, but has refused to release their observations, as Russia has not forgotten. It is only the public and the media who remain in ignorance about the perpetrators of this unspeakable crime.

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When it comes to Syria the question of “who else?” was responsible is less straightforward, as it’s far from clear what actually happened. In both Ghouta and Khan Shaikoun we have no substantiated evidence on how many died, from what, or who they were. But the consequences of those false flag operations was that many tens of thousands more Syrians, civilians and soldiers, died in the ongoing war, and as a direct result of foreign military and propaganda support for terrorist and jihadist groups.

In fact there is substantial evidence as to who was responsible for the so-called Sarin attacks in Syria, as well as the identity of the direct victims. In both cases it appears that the children and adults allegedly poisoned by Sarin gas were recently kidnapped from villages attacked by the same armed groups who made the claims, and also staged the videos. Demonstrating the extraordinary power of emotive video over people’s rational minds, some of the most overused scenes in those videos actually provide conclusive evidence of a fraud that goes unnoticed. One thinks of the rosy-faced boy gasping for air, apparently suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning - victims of Sarin poisoning cannot breath or gasp, and this causes them to rapidly turn blue.

What this reveals is not just a fraud, but something more horrific than the crime itself; the White Helmets and their accomplices in Al Nusra/Al Qaeda filmed themselves torturing a young boy they just half-gassed to death with carbon monoxide, spraying him with a fire-hose. Unlike the child “actors” these brave “first responders” repeatedly pull from piles of rubble, excepting Omran Daqneesh of course, the victims of Khan Shaikoun who had the fire-hose treatment were the all too real victims of their helmeted torturers.

All of which brings us to the other aspect of the crimes perpetrated against Syrians and Ukrainians, Libyans and Yemenis by the agents and mercenaries for the NATO coalition: the leaders who know.

Just because the Western public – and most of the mainstream media – are ignorant of the crimes being committed by proxies at the direction of their own governments, doesn’t mean that those in control of the governments are also ignorant of what their proxies are doing. And even though we may not believe that our own leaders could subscribe to the committing of such war crimes, we can’t be blind to the undeniable evidence of the crimes or the weight of circumstantial evidence incriminating them.

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One needn’t look far for such evidence, of “conspiracy” by our leaders to further their interests by fomenting and fuelling lethal conflicts in the current war zones. In a sense too, only one such example proves the case for all; if a government official knowingly assists in the commission of a serious crime then all their other activities become suspect. And in the case of Syria, no better example can be found of UK government collusion than in its ongoing support for the White Helmets. Not only does the UK proudly admit it funds the group – substantially – but it does so illegally while knowing that Syria considers the White Helmets as a terrorist group affiliate and purveyor of toxic propaganda. Are we to imagine that Theresa May or Boris Johnson don’t know that their own proxies in Khan Shaikoun staged the alleged Sarin attack? Would it be possible for UK intelligence agencies to devise such a dirty scheme and then keep it secret from the leaders on whose behalf they operate just so they could have “plausible deniability”?

Perhaps we don’t really care, because the victims were only Syrians. But what if they were British, like those who died at the hands of Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber?

Who didn’t know the story of the “Manchester Libyans” in the UK government or GCHQ? Even if we hold the Libyans responsible for the bombing, who can ignore its context, or fail to relate it to the on again – off again relationship between MI5, MI6 and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group of which Salman’s father Ramadan Abedi was part?

There must surely come a time when the burden of truth becomes unbearable to those who are hiding it from the Western world, stacking lie upon lie while watching with disbelief and disdain at the infinitely credulous media. How many times can they bear to watch the torture porn of Khan Shaikoun, knowing it is theirs, before they call off the dogs?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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