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Western Journalist Asks Syrian President If He Feels Guilty About Western War Against Syria

Assad talks to a brick wall

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Syrian President Bashar Assad apparently spends hours each day trying to relay simple concepts to European vegetables who FedEx themselves to Damascus in a futile attempt to win a Pulitzer. 

One western journalist even had the panache to ask Assad if he "regrets" how he handled a western manufactured and funded war against his country. 

<figcaption>Come again?</figcaption>
Come again?

We're amazed Assad didn't rip this journo's heart out like that voodoo priest from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (the best part starts around the 8:20 mark):

Journalist: Have you ever had any regrets about how you or the government have handled the crisis since the beginning? Do you every feel guilty for something? And would you change something that you did in the recent past?

Assad: The duty of the Syrian government is to defend this country. If we don’t defend it — this is where we can feel guilty. And this is where we should regret. But how can you regret defending your country?

If you want to talk about what’s happening, the same question should be asked to the western officials. Do they regret supporting the terrorists in Syria and calling them “moderate”? And at the very beginning calling them “peaceful demonstrations”? Do they regret what has happened in Syria after 6 years? They should regret it — not us.

Journalist: Could you just name one mistake?

Europe really knows how to make impenetrable brick walls. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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