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The West Slides into Satanism - Russia's Most Prestigious Political Talk Show (Russian TV)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This segment highlights how healthy Russian society is in contrast to US news shows which bloviate about how great transgenderism and multiculturism are and why it's good to love Big Fag.

The speaker here, Sergey Mikheev, is a popular political scientist and a regular guest on this show, called 'Evening with Vladimir Soloviev'. He is a devout Christian, and frequently brings his faith into his discussions. The host, Vladimir Soloviev, is a Jew, one of many who dominate Russian media.


- Humanity is destroying itself. Sergey Alexandrovich, please.

Sergey Mikheev, political analyst:

- Vladimir, you said you didn’t want to offend anyone, but I do. I'm itching to offend someone. So that they would wake up and realize what they are doing. From a metaphysical point of view, because for me, it is the most important thing, and from the point of view of a believer, it is definitely Satanism.

Popular TV Host Vladimir Soloviev

What does the enemy of the human race want? He wants you to kill someone first, and then kill yourself. That would be its ideal course of events. First, you kill someone and then you commit suicide. A perfect situation. If you were somehow pushed to such an outcome, it would be a victory for the devil. That's what they're trying to do.

Let's stop raising children, let's allow homosexual couples to reproduce, no matter how they do that. They don't care how they do it, by the way, as long as it happens. They show that this is allowed. The picture we saw is on the altar. How did the first humans have descendants? There's a long list of them. How did they come about? As they say, no comment. However, let's not exhale carbon dioxide. Let's kill most people so they don’t breathe. They ruined the environment by breathing.

The next step of the radicals is to commit mass suicides to cleanse the planet. I can assure you this is where it's going. It seems weird to me when open-minded people fail to notice this. At this place, I'm not going to call any names, but in this very studio, there was a person who argued fervently with everyone, while calling himself Orthodox, and he said: "Where did you get it from? There's no such thing in Europe. It doesn't even exist."

— I know who you're referring to.

— He said,"It's you who are crazy. Because you nitpick to find some exceptional cases but it's not a thing over there."

An 8-year-old girl self-identified as transsexual when she was four and now she speaks in the parliament. This isn't a thing over there.

Greta Thunberg is nominated for a Nobel Prize but she's a lunatic.

But she received an alternative award.

— But she's a lunatic!

You are perfectly aware of this.

— Well, she's got her diagnosis. She's officially ill. Yes, she's officially ill. This was the metaphysical part. Now for the practical one. I got the impression that someone is managing this process.

You have named this "someone."

— It's clear. It seems to me that there are also people that are interested in this at a lower level. It may seem paradoxical, but this cynicism may well be implemented. For example, there are transnational corporations that eco-activists are fighting against.

Destruction of the nation-state, maximum globalization, elimination of all possible borders, and bringing the world to another kind of world order. And it has to be different, outside nationalities, outside sovereignty, outside the borders.

Everything must be destroyed, no matter under what slogans. Fighting for the environment would do, fighting for democracy is fine too. Even the idea of the open migration of everyone is excellent as well. This is one of the ways. The fact that TNCs are irritated by sovereignty and what Greta Thunberg calls national populism is absolutely certain.

TNC stands for transnational companies.

— As for the third thing concerning us. I will allow myself to be cynical as well. If they chose such a suicidal, absurd and chaotic way of life, it's their problem. Maybe it will put an end to them as our competitors. But I'm concerned about the nuclear weapons they have. If Greta Thunberg advocates against pollution and for the environment, let her call on the United States to unilaterally abandon nuclear weapons. I'm all for it. Let the United States unilaterally abandon nuclear weapons so as not to pollute the planet. I'm all for it. Let them refuse to extract oil.

And from liquefied gas too.

— Do you know how much trouble liquified gas brings? There's a lot to it. Cattle breeding also pollutes nature. I think the United States should become the first green economy that will produce nothing. In this sense, I cynically support Greta Thunberg. For us, the main thing is that such a "progressive" mindset shouldn't entrench itself in our country. There are already quite a lot of progressively minded people who are looking to the future and who can already see the future. If we embrace it, we'll die much sooner than they will. Why? We'll be done for sure because we don't have such reserves.

And we have a worse climate too.

— It takes them a lot of time to consume their resources. We have a problem with that. The same applies to population decline.

Let's stop raising children and legalize all this stuff. Let's destroy the remnants of our economy. Let's start growing weed. And we're done.

If this, I will be honest, filth... They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

If, under the guise of good intentions and another wave of progress and free thought, this is brought to us, and we've seen such attempts under different pretexts, we'll be done sooner than they will. So this is our primary task here is, to keep this insanity there, keeping in mind that everyone's his own boss, and to understand that this is insanity because we have seen it.

A disgusting picture — a poor girl, disfigured by civilization, by the way, who, at four years of age, self-identified as transsexual. All who have children perfectly imagine what a four-year-old child is and what concepts they can grasp. And she did it, she's 8 years old now, and she speaks in the parliament. They listen to her, meaning they encourage her.

We should be observant because Thunberg proposes a different model. This is the absolute annihilation of everything that exists in the world. And this must be done by the hands of the current politicians. And this is done by the methods of medieval children's crusades. They don't even understand what they call for. And their fate will be awful.

Karen Shakhnazarov, film director:

— Ultimately, this is exactly what Sergey was stalking about. This is the elimination of all national borders and turning the world into a place where transnational companies and oligarchs will rule.

Modern capitalism has split into several fundamentally different branches. So Sergey was absolutely right when speaking about transnational companies. So now the left-wing and the right-wing look like this — the right-wing is what Karen said about Trump, who tries to protect national interests and domestic capital, and TNCs, which are destroying the world as we know it.

— They also sponsor the left-wing.

They sponsor the left-wing to destroy any form of statehood. Customs barriers are falling, the market is deepening, and there's no competition. But they don't realize they're preparing their own end. Because the traditional societies of Africa and Asia are beginning to take the place of European nations by moving to places which they consider sinful.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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