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Firebrand German Left Leader Blasts US on Support for Terror

She said that Washington was the primary force behind 'Islamic State'. Her party leads the opposition to the ruling coalition in the German parliament

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally appeared in Sputnik Deutschland. Translated by Susan Neumann

The Left faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht attacked Washington in her Twitter post yesterday. In the text of the twitter message, she accused the USA of having created the Islamic State. The West is said to have helped.  Now the politician is urging that the support for US-led wars be stopped.

[The West helped create this monster. Enough with dishonest politics, no more support for US wars!]

The tweet also contains a link to a May 27th article from the German news channel N-TV entitled, “Pentagon report revealed. USA allowed Islamic State to exist”. According to this article, the Americans “at the very least did nothing to oppose” the emergence of IS.

The article also claimed that the Washington government knew already three years ago that an Islamist terrorist organization in Syria wanted to proclaim its own state. According to the article published at N-TV:

This is supported by documents from the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), which have been evaluated by the British investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed. [Ahmed’s] article was published by the crowd-funded platform Insurge Intelligence.

Despite the dangers, the Pentagon considered the Islamic State useful for the purpose of destabilizing Assad’s government. N-TV concludes that this invalidates Washington's official statement; that is, that they only support moderate rebels in the Syrian war.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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