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A Great Example of the Crazy Propaganda Common in German Media

German media is by far the strangest of them all

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared in the Bild newspaper. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf.

Below is another good sample of Germany’s mainstream media propaganda. This article, written by Bild author Julian Roepcke, is noteworthy because it surpasses itself with its lies and bizarre absurdities.

A short background on “BILD” and the Springer Media Group

The Springer Media Group  - not to be confused with the scientific publishing house Springer Scientific - was founded after WWII by Axel Springer, who was able to obtain one of the rare licenses to print newspapers in Germany after the war. “BILD” (“picture” or “image,”) was the first paper with a well-known logo characterized by the flashy red box with white letters. “Bild” is a typical yellow press product, to some extent comparable to the British “Sun,”

Many other publications have been launched since then, but “Bild” remained the most prolific paper within the group, though suffering huge losses in readership during recent years – the same fate that other main stream media have shared as well. Despite its many successes “Bild” has a quite bad record in terms of keeping up with any kind of journalistic standard and integrity.  “Bild” has the power to create political careers in Germany - but has also the power to destroy careers and reputations of individuals within a matter of days and weeks. The newspaper and its management are characterized as ruthless. Axel Springer was extremely successful and very smart in developing his products and his media group.

Within some decades he controlled one of the most important media enterprises in Europe. There are rumors to the effect that Springer enjoyed a direct CIA funding during Cold War era in order to establish a media stronghold against communist Eastern Europe. What is certain is a very favorable ERP (European Recovery Program) funding which was granted to the group. Later on he added the WELT (to be translated as “word” or “globe”) to his portfolio – a publication addressing a more educated and serious readership. From the beginning until today every hired author and journalist has to sign and to swear that he will write and report according to the “transatlantic” interest and relations of the Springer Group and that he will especially obey the everlasting friendship of Springer to the U.S. and Israel.

After the death of Axel Springer his wife Nr. 5 – Friede Springer – inherited the fortune and controls as of today the majority of the group. Friede Springer worked as a nanny in the household of media tycoon Springer and became his mistress and later on his wife. Friede Springer- one of the wealthiest women in Germany today – has tight connections to German chancellor Ms. Merkel, who is well known for always having a friendly ear for any wish or demand from the U.S.

“Bild” author Julian Roepcke  - a young journalist who joined the group a couple of years ago – is unique to say the least. He clearly exceeds normal tolerance levels. Not only does he produce biased journalism, he also parades his own personal war and crusade against Russia. His tools are not merely the articles in Bild; he is also an avid writer of Twitter messages. Up to 15 messages are sent by his account and he obviously relishes any harm Russia might incur. The pleasure he gets when commenting on the downing of a Russian commercial flight or the SU-24 fighter aircraft can only be described as perverse and cynical.

Find attached his last article in “Bild.” Roepcke invents his own truth and his own virtual world – To say this article is truthful is like saying Russia is to blame for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

War in Syria! Our „partner“ Russia is bombing a path for ISIS!  (Written by Julian Roepcke)

Well, does ISIS now operate its own „air force“?  According to information from Syrian activists, the Russian air force started intense attacks in the area between the Syrian city of Aleppo and the Turkish border last Tuesday. However, these Russian air raids haven’t struck IS terrorists, rather they’ve targeted moderate rebels trying to maintain and defend the front against terrorists! The Russians, they of all people, who would like to play some sort of Western partner have instigated 100 air raids on the moderate rebel front in the area of the Syrian town Azaz. Local witnesses are reporting that due to Russian air strikes, IS had been able to advance and overtake up to four cities which were previously under control of the moderate rebels. But for the time being, the moderate rebels have succeeded in regaining three of them. 

Eyewitness: Russia is bombing for ISIS!

“Bild” was able to speak to activists from the “Azaz Media Group”, an organization from the Syrian border town of Azaz, which is publishing news and videos on the internet. One member of the organization told “Bild”: Today ISIS forces are advancing towards the villages of Ash Shaykh Rih and Jarez. ISIS gets direct air support from Russian Air Force. They have flown approximately 100 raids and bombed our brave defenders. Russian fighter bombers also attacked rebel troops who wanted to join and to reinforce the front line. “Not a single strike from the Russians was flown against ISIS!” a Syrian activist told who wants to remain anonymous. The shocking result of these air raids looks as follows: ISIS could advance up to 6 kilometers towards the strategic important town Azaz. Azaz is the main reloading point for relief supplies dedicated to the inhabitants of Aleppo but Azaz is also a terminal and collecting point for arms deliveries to the moderate rebels who need these urgently in their fight against ISIS and the troops of the brutal dictator Assad. Just north of Azaz there is a refugee camp with several thousand people who’ve fled from Russian air strikes, the troops of the dictator Assad and IS terrorists. If ISIS were to reach this camp, there would be a massacre with an outcome similar to that which has happened already. Some observers argue that these Russian air raids against moderate Syrian rebels are anything but an accident.

“Everything is going according to plan!” writes Twitter user Paul Pemberton. “Russia is bombing the moderate rebels back to the stone age. Just ISIS will remain and subsequently the West will join and team up with Assad and Russia!”

Due to Russian air strikes many aid organizations have halted their activities. Now the people must suffer even more. But the Russians have shown even more brutality. The activists from “Azaz Media” complain that Russia has been bombing now for days the aid convoys coming from Turkey.“Every day we can watch Russia’s air strikes and bombing of trucks loaded with relief supplies. More than 20 people have died, among them women and children. Russia has destroyed more than 100 trucks with supplies.” Many aid organizations confirm these statements, including staff from the Turkish aid organization “Humanitarian Relief Foundation IHH”.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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