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'Weak, Weaselly, Cowardly ...!' - EU Cuck Leaders Blasted by #1 Russian Anchor (Kiselyov)

Cameron, Blair, Steinmaier, Merkel, Hollande, Macron, Poroshenko, Puigdemont - nobody escapes Kiselyov's blistering indictment. He is spot on - Europe needs a newsman like this.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Kiselyov is back this week, this time he mercilessly tears into the cowardly behavior of European leadership, taking no prisoners - showing again why he is Russia's favorite newsman.

He demonstrates once again that Russia's view on global affairs is absolutely crucial, because he says what you will never hear on mainstream TV news in the West, or even on the liberal-leaning RT - and much of what he says is absolutely correct.

<figcaption>This woman is a traitor to her country and a national disgrace. When will Germans wake up?</figcaption>
This woman is a traitor to her country and a national disgrace. When will Germans wake up?

He reflects the thinking in the Kremlin. And he does it with great wit and ascerbity.

It is an incontrovertible fact that EU leaders have a long history of slimy behavior and treachery against their own people.

They reap havoc on their homeland, and then run away leaving somebody else to pick up the pieces.

Full transcript follows below, with best parts bolded.:


Catalonia's former Prime Minister who triggered the independence referendum fled to Belgium, accompanied by several other ministers of his former government. Other ministers who stayed in Barcelona ​​have already been arrested on mutiny charges.

Puigdemont himself is already wanted home, in Spain. A cell in Madrid is waiting. On Friday, Belgium received a European arrest warrant for Puigdemont. Brussels says Puigdemont can't get asylum in Belgium since nothing threatens his life and health in his homeland. It's typical for Brussels.

Puigdemont is typical, too. He's just a paragon of a European politician: weak, weaselly, cowardly. He tries to shun responsibility, he's myopic. He's well dressed, with soulful bright eyes. He triggered a referendum, led people to street fights, turned the Catalan police against Madrid, made everyone face trial and considerable prison terms, forced a lot of businesses out of Catalonia, and fled.

Many are shunning responsibility in Europe. Take the British PM, David Cameron, unlikely to be remembered by many anymore. He engineered the EU-membership referendum to scare Brussels, campaigned against Brexit, got carried away playing, and off he went.

By the way, Cameron also bombed Libya. He destroyed the state and many people, let terrorists into Central Africa. But it's all like water off a duck's back. Where is he now, this European politician, Cameron?

What about his colleague, Tony Blair? He bombed Iraq together with the US. He ruined the country, which killed hundreds of thousands of people, made more than a million refugees, and created ISIS. Then England revisited it and concluded that it had been out of place. Now Blair lives quietly and doesn't give a damn. Like water off a duck's back.

Or here is another example. During EuroMaidan the foreign ministers of Germany, France, and Poland claimed to be guarantors of a peaceful transition of power and snap elections in Ukraine. A few hours later the country suffered a coup d'etat. President Yanukovych was shot at, they wanted to kill him. He roamed around the country and then fled the country.

And the cute and weak European guarantor politicians decided to keep silent, as if nothing had happened. And then they say, what guarantees? They're fine, themselves. The German Foreign Minister at the time, Steinmeier, is now the President of the country.

Angela Merkel has become Chancellor for the 4th time. By the way, Merkel invited all refugees to Germany, made selfies with the newcomers, promising that everything would be fine. And then she backed down, meaning that not everyone and not always are welcome.

As a French President, Hollande was a total dud. Now it's Macron. He campaigned on the public's exaltation, there were so many hopes. They all plummeted within a few months, as well as Macron's rating. Not a single victory.

I didn't want to say this, but Poroshenko is like a small Puigdemont. He also looks up to Europe, he excited the people, paid for the EuroMaidan, and seems to be against corruption. But what about now? He cheated the people, drove them into poverty, plunged the country into civil war, ruined the country.

He'll probably flee too, someday. Well, at least he'll try, if his allies don't prevent him from it.

It's better not to talk about Moldovan euro-politicians. And I don't want to enumerate a colorless cohort of higher European bureaucrats.

Either way, Puigdemont is definitely not alone.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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