We Were Right, Disabled Vet's Gofundme Pledge to Sue Facebook Goes Viral, Hits $50,000 - Support Him! (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

So last Monday we wrote about Brian Koflage, the disabled vet who was banned by Facebook for having a conservative news site:  Facebook Sells Disabled Iraq Vet $300,000 in Ads, Then Deletes His Influential Page

On Wednesday, while signing his petition to stop censorship on social media, we noticed he had set up a GoFundMe page and that it had hit $20,000 in two days. We sent in our $20, and urged our audience to do the same, predicting this could go viral and that it was a good, cheap way for people to give Facebook a bloody nose and send a message about what folks think about their out of control censorship, which is hurting this publication too: GoFundMe of Disabled Vet Promising to Sue Facebook for Censorship Hits $20,000 in 2 Days - Support Him!

Seems like we were right. Conservative powerhouse Mike Huckabee invited Koflage on his show, and his Gofundme page has hit $53,000. Here's the segment from Huckabee.

We repeat our prediction - this thing is very close to doing a hockey stick. If the big guys urge their audiences to support - I mean Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Savage, etc, he will easily raise enough to do serious damage to Facebook in a legal battle, setting an important message.

Do what you can, make a donation, share with friends.

Things continue until they don't, and that goes for Big Tech left wing censorship too.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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