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WATCH: One of Best Orators Alive, UK Politician George Galloway, Electrifying Speech on Lynching of Assange

"This is an obscenity in a country that pretends to believe in the rule of law and justice, who cannot tremble with indignation when we learn!

If you cannot tremble with indignation ... You're not a human being. You have no pulse and you have no soul.

And that's the reality of the so-called fourth estate in this country. I spit upon them!"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Galloway is a brilliant orator. He tells the truth about the Assange travesty. Well worth a listen. If you are in a hurry, watch the last minute.


Thank you.

Honorable Craig Murray, my r.t colleague, Peter Lavelle. Honorable speakers, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends. This is a magnificent event attended by people, as Greg said, of different political stripes, but united in solidarity. With prisoner number A 9 3 7 9 A Why the World Historic Figure. Julian Assange.

I just want to in parentheses make this point.

I said the Honorable Craig Murray. All of the speakers are honorable, but he is right, honorable.

You see, people like me had no choice but to take this path. We were born into it. We had no alternatives.

The struggle, this struggle, the struggle against imperialism was the only choice that we had. But Craig Murray had a glittering career in the British Foreign Office. Her Majesty's ambassador to us has done. And he threw it all away because he stood up for justice against torture, against disappearances, against political repression.

He threw it all away.

He could have kept his head down.

Been the ambassador for here and there and have a knighthood. Well, they may not give you a knighthood, but you'll always be Sir Craig Murray to me.

Ten years ago, exactly on this day, I was kidnapped by the thugs of the dictator Hosni Mubarak, who died today. I was kidnapped in the dead of night. I was taken by men without uniform who couldn't speak English, even if they had wanted to tell me who they were and where they were taking me. They drove me for many hours. I knew not where. And deposited me at the airport in Cairo, served me with the certificate, which I proudly hold the blue paper declaring me persona non grata and no longer welcome in Egypt.

And I have to tell you that the legal proceedings, as described here this evening and in the various blogs, because that's the only place you're going to read anything substantive about what's going on in blogs like Craig Morays and many others.

These legal proceedings would have been more fitting in Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship in Egypt than in a country like Britain, which is supposed to be a Western democracy.

Who cannot tremble with indignation at what happened to Julian Assange just yesterday.

Never mind over the last decade. Just yesterday, this man who should be in Oslo getting the Nobel Peace Prize was being stripped and searched by guns.

Handcuffed, held in five different cells in one day, handcuffed, eleven, handcuffed for what?

He was in a bullet proof box all day in the court.

What were they searching him up his backside for? Why did they take his legal papers away? Talk about an abuse of process.

This is an obscenity in a country that pretends to believe in the rule of law and justice, who cannot tremble with indignation when we learn.

Every movement. Literally, Craig, every time we went to the toilet in the Ecuadorian embassy, the CIA were watching it on video.

I'm not exaggerating. There was a camera in the toilet.

Where Pamela Anderson, PD work, Craig Murray and me and others who have the honor to be friends of Julian Assange, but much more importantly than our movements, they spied on every legal meeting that Julian had with his representatives in absolute brazen defiance of the rules of justice.

And the lawyer client privilege. As Craig pointed out in any other.

If you were in court. Because your dog had fold the pavement.

And this kind of abuse of process was unveiled by the defense. The case would be thrown out immediately. No trial can take place when it's been corrupted from the beginning.

In this way, who can not tremble with indignation at the idea that the.

I'm coming to that point.

Who cannot tremble with indignation at the idea that the man that blew the whistle on the war crimes is in Belmarsh and the war criminals are on the BBC and ITV and raking in millions and millions and millions and millions of pounds.

The criminals, the criminals have made it a crime to report on the crimes that they committed bond that that's now the country that we are living in.

Who cannot tremble with indignation well, ninety five percent.

These to Britain's journalists didn't even show up today to hear the defense's argument.

Ninety five percent of Britain's broadcasters I'm not trembling with indignation.

If you cannot tremble with indignation, any injustice anywhere. You're not a human being. You have no pulse and you have no soul.

And that's the reality of the so-called fourth estate in this country. I spit upon them.

This church should be bulging with journalists because if they had any intention of actually doing their job. What is happening to Julian Assange is a mortal danger to them. It's a knife at their heart. It's a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. If they ever intended to actually be journalists.

But of course, the truth is, most of them have sold whatever soul they had just for a ribbon to put on their coat, just for a shilling or two.

They have abandoned any claim of moral authority. These are the people that lecture us.

Especially election times. Speaking of which.

On the principle that it's better late than never. I'm glad that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have finally found a voice to speak up in favor of Julian Assange.

And if that does soil there, we might have been farther down the road to getting Julian Belmarsh.

Not only have time to make two more quick points.

And again, they relate to what the Honorable Craig Murray said.

You see, I was there when this extradition treaty was reached.

It was concluded behind the backs of parliament during the summer recess when no member of parliament could question the treaty, which David Blunkett, Tony Blair's home secretary, corruptly and secretly concluded with the United States a one sided extradition treaty, the likes of which no free country would ever sign with any other country.

Well, they never have to send anybody to us wherever they've done, even if it's killing our young boy on a motorway because you're driving up the wrong side of the road.

You don't have to send anybody to us.

But we will send anybody to you without even just cause having to be produced. But when Parliament returned in the autumn, I bearder David Blunkett and the members lobby and told them all the things that I thought were wrong and dangerous.

With this extradition treaty. And he said to me, you're worrying unnecessarily because all of the points you're making are taken care of by article four point one of the treaty which precludes the extradition of people in Britain for political offenses to the United States. And now the judge is telling us that although that's on the face of the treaty, it does not apply.

What madness is this? And the second point. Sorry.

Windrush. That's another meeting. I'll come back to that.

The last point then that I have time to make. Is this.

If we allow. If the British public allows, the British media allows.

The British political class allows and remember, this has to be rubber stamped, signed off by the current home secretary, prety Patel.

So public opinion has a role here. He cannot be sent from this country without a politician. An elected politician, a member of an elected government signing the final extradition order.

If we allow Julian Assange to be sent.

For the rest of his life. The rest of his life into the dungeons of the US injustice system, journalism. Freedom.

Freedom of speech. Democracy itself will have been murdered in plain sight on our watch!

And that's why we are going to fight and fight and fight again to free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

Wow. I've heard many of electrifying speeches by George, but that one loved one wants something else. Bravo. George Galloway.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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