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WATCH: Hugely Popular Russian Priest Brilliantly Mocks Darwin's 'Monkey Theory' (Vladimirov)

Fr. Artemy treats the theory of evolution seriously . . . well, just as seriously as it deserves . . .

Fr. Artemy Vladimirov is a very prominent priest in Russia, especially popular among Moscow's English-speaking population for his intelligence and perfect command of the English language.

In this video, Fr. Artemy mocks Darwin's theory with his signature wit. A must watch! (Transcript provided below)


Fr. Artemy:

Actually, a lot of famous people are buried in the floor of Westminster Abbey (England). I was there, in fact, recently, and had a chat with Charles Darwin! I'm no fan of his "Monkey Theory". And as a priest, I was curious. I said to his tombstone,

"Charles, how are you down there? So now what do you think? Are there really any intermediate links between species? Say, between a zebra and a giraffe?" — He had this naive idea that science would find them! And what do you think he said?

"Father, don't be seduced by my theory! That wasn't very smart of me. I now repent for it! You are not related in any way to a bear or a pig!"


I read that he did actually repent before his death.

Fr. Artemy:

It would be good if he did. As far as I know, his religious feelings withered more and more with time.

Pity the Anglo Saxons! Those poor Danes! 

How lucky we are to be Russians! How wonderful it is!

Let's use this TV channel to testify to the triumph and reason of Orthodox Christianity to the whole world! I propose that this show be broadcast, at the very least, in English and Chinese. Please do bring my idea to the attention of your superiors. 

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