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WATCH: 3 Top Liberal TV Hosts Bray for Impeachment Last Night - Putin a 'Thug', Trump a 'Traitor' (Maddow, Matthews, Maher)

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Watching TV in America can be a surreal experience. Turn on MSNBC and the top hosts are excitedly telling you that Trump is obviously an agent for Putin, who is fundamentally evil. Flip to FOX, and you have Tucker and Hannity telling you that this is a ridiculous witch hunt, although they don't really trust Putin either. Here's a typical sampling from last night.

Chuck Schumer lays out the liberal case for Putin's undeniable evilness in a punchy 15 second sound bite. Russia, he claims:

"A) Violated the sovereignty of Ukraine, B) Interfered in US elections AND the Brexit vote, C) Propped up the brutal Assad regime, and D) Implemented a nerve agent attack on the soil of our closest ally."

For good measure, Schumer adds: "Putin's Russia runs rampant over international law and destabilizes the world." Rachel Maddow can't get enough of it, practically squealing with delight over the obvious need to impeach Trump for being an agent for this ogre.

Maher and Matthews are even worse. Matthews has a very weird, very high voice and can't stop grinning and bobs up and down like an eager Labrador retriever as Maher explains why he has been convinced since Trump's election that he is an agent for Putin, who is a terrible, very horrible, bad, very bad person. Watch the Maher video first, it is extraordinary in the way it lays out the liberal hatred for Trump and Putin.

This takes a strong stomach, but force yourself to watch, otherwise you won't understand how divided America is today.

Oh yeah, and 3 out of these 4 beauties are Jewish, Maddow is a lesbian, and the network is owned and run by Jews. Just sayin'.

Matthews and Maher:

Maddow and Schumer: (Link)

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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