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Vladimir Putin Strikes a Blow for Free Speech

Putin has submitted a proposal to the Russian parliament to scale back Russia's hate speech legislation

Russian President Vladimir Putin is arguably the world’s most admirable leader. He stabilized the Middle East by repelling Obama’s ISIS fighters, supported Donald Trump’s rise to power in the United States, and gave shelter to whistleblower and privacy icon Edward Snowden after he leaked sensitive NSA materials.

Putin not only kicks ass for freedom throughout the world, but he also does the same in Mother Russia. Right now, Putin is working to scale back laws punishing online extremism in order to protect freedom of speech.

Putin wants to curtail laws that order criminal liability for internet posts of extremist content. He does not believe these restrictions should apply for first-time offenders or on posts that clearly do not pose a serious threat to society. As of right now, the laws are far too restrictive and Draconian with offenders facing punishment of up to six years in jail for making reposts of content. The humanitarian-leaning Putin seeks to remedy this injustice.

“The President has reacted to the issue of decriminalization of Article 282, the so-called article on reposts. This was the presidential initiative. You know what he has said earlier – that everything must fall under common sense and not descend into senility,” Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

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Putin sent the proposed changes of Article 282 to the State Duma, the Russian parliament. The current laws are out of control. A stunning 75 percent of total criminal cases made under anti-extremist laws were initiated due to internet posts and reposts, a serious waste of resources resulting in countless cases of abuse.

One offender posted a meme of Jesus asking the time from the head of the Russian Orthodox Church who said in response: “Get lost!” Another offender was a Russian feminist who posted jokes about men. She was persecuted despite similar jokes about women being allowed from men. This is the type of ‘senility’ that Putin hopes to end by relaxing the anti-extremism laws.

Contrary to what you usually hear on the corporate-dominated Western media, Putin is concerned about making Russia great again above all else. He can certainly be strong, but can temper his great strength with moderation when it counts like in this case.

Why shouldn’t Russia be America’s top ally as their nation improves alongside ours?

Source: The Schpiel
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