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Violent Communists Viciously Assault Journalist In Portland, But They're the Good Guys

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The entire US power structure is complicit in the vicious assault against Andy Ngo last Saturday. The lying press says Antifa is on the “side of right”1, prominent Democrats like Joe Biden call Antifruits"courageous"2, cops won't prosecute them, judges won’t punish them, etc. Antifa is emboldened because the Cultural Marxist scum in power have emboldened them. The left feels completely free to engage in mob violence and brutalize journalists, assemblers and speakers, because it is free to do those things, as a matter of objective fact. There seem to be zero consequences for the consistently violent, lawless conduct of criminal organizations like Antifa and By Any Means Necessary. Of the thousands of violent criminal acts Antifruits have committed over the last few years, I am unaware of even one that ended in a significant prison sentence.

Now, I hesitate to use the term “terrorist organization” to describe such organizations, as “terror” isn’t exactly their modus operandi. Violence is most certainly their modus operandi (arson, mob assault, interfering with law enforcement, etc.), but it is mostly lesser violence, rather than the spectacular acts of bloodshed terrorist groups prefer to perpetrate. The Red Shirts in Antifa don’t kill people after all. That distinguishes Antifa from real terror organizations.

Nevertheless, Antifa is a criminal organization, in the most fundamental sense. Everything about Antifa and By Any Means Necessary is criminal. Their whole purpose is to effectively abolish the most essential rights of people on the right. They conspire to do that all the time. That’s really all they do, and that is a serious federal crime3 It is also a profound and existential threat to American democracy. However, calling it terrorism is a stretch, because they don’t really terrorize exactly. Coordinated civil unrest, destruction of property, and simple assault is criminal activity, but terrorism? Meh.

Furthermore, there is a reason I like to say that there is no such thing as an Antifa counter-protest. Because Antifa doesn’t protest. It uses violence and criminal activity to disrupt the peaceful democratic activities of its political opponents. That is not protesting. I am also fond of saying that counter-protests should be nowhere near original protests and cops shouldn’t let counter-protesters anywhere near actual protesters. They should be pushed way, way, back (half a mile or more) and if they don’t comply they should be promptly arrested. After all, if the real goal of counter-protests is simply to speak and protest, rather than to disrupt the speech of others, why be so close? Antifa’swhole purpose is to completely monopolize the public square for the left. They conspire and they act boldly to achieve that political end, and they are very effective at it. They should be pushed back at every protest, they should be unmasked by legislation which makes it unlawful for anyone to be masked at events such as this, and they should be prosecuted aggressively, but don’t hold your breath.

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Tragically, the political right has continually ceded large portions of the public square to the political left over the last few decades, mostly via Political Correctness, and what Antifa does is an extension of that, albeit a more fundamentally violent extension. If right-leaning Americans can’t go out into the streets and hold political rallies, without inviting a full-fledged Antifa-sponsored riot that ultimately breaks the assembly apart and ends the speaking, do we really have those cherished liberties at all anymore?

These dangerous Neo-Bolsheviks, and make no mistake about it, they are not a fringe minority on the left (most leftists seem to think Antifa’s activities are perfectly moral and acceptable), have openly declared war on the political right. They are proclaiming, quite plainly, that if you are a righty, you will be and you should be persecuted. You don’t get to speak, you don’t get to assemble, and you don’t get to influence your own future. If you try to, Antifa and other leftist paramilitary organizations will viciously assault you. If that is not a unilateral declaration of war against their fellow Americans, nothing is. You can not coexist with such people, not freely, not peacefully. These people are saying we get no say in our own democracy or our own destiny, which is a fancy way of saying we are really just subjects/vassals of the Cultural Marxist left. That political philosophy can not be bargained with or reasoned with or accommodated. You are either okay with being a slave or you’re not. If you’re not, and you shouldn’t be, then America has a problem that is probably too colossal to be resolved by ordinary politics.

Moreover, it is simply not an exaggeration to say that many public officials in the United States are very much on the side of Antifa, and have given Antifa their seal of approval. Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minnesota, posed for a photo holding Antifa’s “Antifascist Handbook” last year.4 This guy is the top law enforcement officer in the state! I don’t even know what to say to that. And Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, has repeatedly failed to adequately address Portland’s increasingly regular, increasingly violent Antifa riots. He has drawn fire from his own police commissioner, and even from as far away as Texas, from Senator Ted Cruz, on account of his failure to confront radical leftists who are terrorizing innocent Americans in his city.5 He created this mess, probably more than anyone else. He has Andy Ngo’s blood all over his hands.

After Antifa viciously assaulted Andy Ngo in Portland this past weekend, do you know how many Democrat candidates denounced the group? Not a solitary one. Andrew Yang got close, but not quite. And as for apologists in the US power class? You should have seen all the blue checkmarks on Twitter falling all over themselves the other day to defend Antifa’s criminal conduct. I’ve even heard Antifa is now considering changing its official logo to the blue checkmark. What’s more, Big Tech itself, including Twitter, does not reject Antifa’s main premises. They think it quite right to prevent Americans with the supposed wrong values and views from participating in American democracy as well.

Keep in mind, if it wasn’t for Antifa and allied left-wing radical groups with similar attitudes about extralegal violence, Heather Heyer would still be alive today. No, Antifruits didn’t drive the car that hit her, but they created the conditions that gave rise to her death. Just as the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime led predictably to a series of violent wars and atrocities in Iraq, Antifa’s criminal activities led predictably to the death of Heather Heyer.

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After all, even if we assume James Fields is a bad guy and is really and truly guilty of the heinous crime for which he has been convicted, which is frankly doubtful, his actions would still be perfectly understandable. This is not to say they are right, but they are understandable nonetheless. I mean, the kid drove 8 hours, all the way from Ohio, to attend a political rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. When he got to Virginia he had his constitutional rights effectively abolished by a corrupt local sheriff who likely conspired to deny him those rights6, or at the very least made no effort to safeguard them7, and by a violent mob of Neo-Bolshevik gangsters who didn’t and don’t believe he deserves any rights at all. There is no other way to cast those events. The kid was wronged, and he had every reason to be irate about it.

How do you expect someone to react to treatment like that? Do you expect them to just lie down like a dog and whimper? Do you expect them to just say, “well, maybe my anti-racist, anti-capitalist masters will let me speak and assemble next time”? When you use sticks, bats, and bricks against people who are peacefully demonstrating, you can’t really be shocked when they pick up a weapon or get into a weapon and strike back. When you create a melee, people get hurt, and Antifa creates melees. That is what it does. That is its aim. Antifa should not receive the principal portion of blame for Heather Heyer’s death, James Fields should of course, but Antifa set the whole fiasco into motion. No Antifa, no death.

If law enforcement authorities in the US are serious about stopping the violence, rather than simply crushing the rightist enemies of the Cultural Marxist imperial state, and I don’t think they are, they would go after the source of the violence. Without Antifa, none of this madness would be possible. Have you ever heard of a racist or right-wing group, in this century that is, showing up at a leftist political rally and using violence against speakers there? Antifa, and many of its sympathists on the left, have declared a straight-up war against their fellow Americans. Even the most extreme right-wing and supposedly “hateful” political organizations in America march and assemble peacefully in the overwhelming majority of cases. In virtually all cases in recent memory involving violence, violent leftists found them, they didn’t go searching for leftists. The same can not be said of Antifa. Antifa never marches peacefully. Violence is their go-to tactic. It is pretty much all they have.

Antifa believes it is their right to assault anyone they disagree with in an effort to silence them. They believe those of us with the the wrong ideas and values should get no say in our future. They think any evildoing is justified so long as they are allegedly combating whatever they wrongly perceive to be fascism. This is fundamentally totalitarian thinking and it is the true source of virtually all the political violence in America in recent years. US authorities can either let the far left’s declaration of war against their fellow Americans escalate into a two-sided conflict, where righties actually fight back, or they can crack down on the aggressors. The future of the United States as a political entity, if it has a future, is very much in the balance.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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