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Very, Very Unfortunate Congresswoman Vows to Protect Fairy Tale Land of Limpopo From Putin (VIDEO)

Maxine has done it again.

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A popular duo of Russian pranksters have targeted a "differently abled" congresswoman, causing widespread outrage among advocates for the disabled.

Yes, we're typing about Maxine Waters, who somehow still has a job as a "public servant".

<figcaption>See? Limpopo should have joined NATO!</figcaption>
See? Limpopo should have joined NATO!

We were made aware of this insensitive prank yesterday afternoon, but had already written an article about Maxine's penchant for soul-crushing corruption.

Medical professionals agree that it is unsafe to think about Maxine Waters more than once a day (her idiocy spreads like brain-eating bacteria), so instead we compiled the best moments of the telephone prank, in which Maxine vows to protect a Russian fairy tale land called Limpopo from the evil devices of Vladimir Putin. And now we are sharing this video with you.

For those who have normal lives and don't bother reading about sad members of Congress, Maxine Waters previously accused the Kremlin of coming up with funny nicknames for Hillary Clinton, and later became world-famous after demanding that Vladimir Putin return the Korean Peninsula to Ukraine.

This time Maxine was told by Russian pranksters posing as the prime minister of Ukraine that Putin had rigged the election of a fictitious land from a Russian children's story.

She was very upset by this latest Russian outrage.

Watch it and weep for humanity:

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, responded to Maxine's sadness with a short but very fun Facebook post. ("Russian fairy tales become true!")

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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