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Very Hot Alt-Right InfoBabe Faith Goldy Assaulted by Antifa - Idle Cops Watch (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

UPDATE: She liked our headline:

What does this story have to do with Russia?, well nothing really.

Russian police would not have hesitated to beat the daylights out of these Antifa clowns.

Actually, Goldy is half-Canadian diaspora Ukrainian, from the Russia-hating Western fringe of Ukraine, and she grew up Orthodox but is now Catholic, but a very conservative one.

She is a social media force, and has 90,000 followers on Twitter, 57,000 on YouTube, 27,000 on Instagram, and 22,000 on Facebook. Show some support by following her. Her YouTube videos regularly get in excess of 100,000 views. 

Anyway, she got attacked by Antifa in Quebec, and the cucked Canadian police just enjoyed the show. She made a good video of it. She's actually a very good journalist. Watch:

The Daily Stormer has a good detailed write-up of the incident.

Rightish things Goldy believes in are: premarital sex verboten, pray away the gay, pro-life, rights for white people.

Warning: this video might get your blood boiling in a rage.

Goldy passionately advocates for awareness on under-reported issues.

To Antifa, anyone who opposes their neoliberal funders' goals is a "fascist" and is thus eligible to be physically attacked. 

The police inaction is outrageous and makes Antifa's actions that much worse. A woman was attacked by masked men directly in front of police, and they did NOTHING.

Such failure of state institutions to do their duty truly shines a light on the corruption deeply entrenched in the Western ruling elite. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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