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Venezuela Coup Fails - An Initial Post-Mortem

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1. A MUST SEE: Guaido’s coup is a ‘farce’ – RON PAUL INSTITUTE’s Daniel McAdams - interviewed on RT about Venezuelan failed coup:

2. After botched Venezuelan coup, much like the Cuban Bay of Pigs, Trump, like Kennedy, has to change personnel in CIA and his Neocons, but remember Dallas.

3.  America's puppet, Juan Guaido, made his move yesterday, after a green light from Washington, this below piece was written two days ago, published yesterday also, so it is very relevant to yesterday’s failed coup in Caracas:  NEWSFLASH: US Is Fomenting Revolution in Venezuela Because It Wants the Oil

4. No longer will so called experts laugh at Che Guevara’s irrelevance or naivety. His importance now is as huge today as it ever was; he is to be compared with Jose Marti and Simon Bolivar....Video: Che Guevara Talks About Imperialism (1965) 

5. JUST IN: Venezuelan President Maduro delivers Address to 'Venezuelan People and World' 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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