All of these positions are currently volunteer, except for fundraising, however we are actively crowdfunding and fundraising, so as funds come in, positions will become paid.

For fundraising, we will pay a commission on amounts raised + retainer.

Previous experience is not a requirement, but it's a plus.

Interested?  You can fill out our questionaire here.

Questions?   Be in touch with our volunteer coordinator and human resources director, David Curry, at [email protected]

Want to meet David?  Check out the video at the bottom of this page... and his profile on our team page.




Note: for more details of each job description, click here
Volunteers can be located anywhere in the world, and work remotely from home or elsewhere
PositionResponsibilitiesNative or near-native English required?
Writers, journalists No
EditorsConceive and assign stories, oversee writers and journalistsYes
Business editorBuild a strong business team covering RussiaYes
Culture editor Yes
Op-ed editorWe want to introduce a section which presents opinion and analysis which we do not necessarily agree with, but are of high quality.Yes
Russian media editorWe need someone to monitor the Russian media and select interesting articles and videos for summary or translation.  We have a volunteer team of translators who are able to do this.  We need someone to select material for them.No
German media editorWe want to start carrying more articles translated from German media.  We have translators who can do this, but we need someone to help identify interesting articles.No
Headline writersWrite headlines and sub-headlinesYes
Copy editorsRead articles and correct for typos, errorsYes
Translators (Russian-English-German)We want to start translating as much of the site as possible into German and Russian. A large volume of translation. 
News scannersTrack websites and source articles to be posted on siteNo
Bullpen editorThe bullpen is our experts discussion group.  We need someone to curate it.  See link at top of homepageYes
Scholarly articles editorWe want to start publishing longer, scholarly articles, in a separate section.  We need someone to be the editor of this section, source and read articles, decide what to include.  There are a lot of excellent scholarly articles available, and submitted to us, which we currently are not publishing, but would like to.Yes
Video journalists, production No
Video - direct and produce crowdfunding videosWe are doing this on an ongoing basis, so this is an ongoing needNo
Audio journalists, production No
Audio broadcast manager (Soundcloud)We are thinking abouty how to do this - on Soundcloud or another platform.  We need someone to manage the whole process, source material, work with contributors to create audio segments.No
Voice-over, dubbing Yes
Photo and image editors No
Manager of Youtube channelExpand and develop our Youtube channelNo
Advertising managerCreate advertising revenueNo
Social media expertsSite promotion, growth of Facebook and Twitter audience.No
Website design and function No
Volunteer coordinatorWe have a very large and active volunteer community, and we need someone to interact with them, coordinate and manage what they might do with the site.Yes
Alternative revenue sources, eventsDevelop premium content as revenue generators, event hosting as revenue generatorNo
FundraisingWork with foundations and individuals to receive funding. Set up a US non-profit (501c3)Yes
Crowdfunding managerManage our crowdfunding campaigns. Our first campaign launches on Kickstarter mid-February. We will be doing this on both Western and Russian platforms on an ongoing basis (every 2-4 months)Yes, except for Russian campaigns

Here's a short profile of our volunteer coordinator and human resources director David Curry, which appeared on local TV where he lives about an hour outside Moscow.  Also see his profile on our team page.



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