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Brezhnev's children go for a train trip

When I, Natasha, was a little younger than I am now, there was an anecdote going around the Soviet Union that perfectly summed up the time of stagnation. Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev are on a train in the middle of nowhere. It stops. They sit and wait; nothing happens. "I know what to do", says Stalin, and he goes forward and shoots the engine driver. Train still doesn't move. "I know", says Khrushchev, "we'll rehabilitate the driver". Still nothing happens. "Here's what we'll do, comrades" says Brezhnev "we'll pull down the blinds and pretend we're moving".

The Mayor of Koln recommends "a code of conduct" for women. In Europe. In their own city. In a time of feminism. Wear a bag and stay at home.

The US State Department congratulates itself on bringing peace to Syria.

All is well; the train is moving. Even if you can't hear it moving.