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US Vice President Disrespects United Korean Team at Olympics Opening

After being treated as guest of honor Pence fails to do South Koreans a basic courtesy

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Mike Pence spits on the Korean people for aspiring to unity and peace

Before the Olympics US vice president Mike Pence specifically said his mission in traveling there was to prevent North Korean peace overtures. Instead all he has succeeded in showing was how petty, tone-deaf and bellicose the Empire is.

The North Koreans for the first time ever sent a member of the Kim family for a visit, and invited the South Korean prime minister for a summit in Pyongyand. Koreans, north and south, moreover used the opportunity for a historic handshake, and to march under a united flag.

Mike Pence instead refused to stand up when the united Korean team entered the stadium — along his wife the only person in the VIP lodge to do so — then snubbed the North Korean delegation at a reception thrown by hist South Korean hosts.

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As Koreans celebrate a hopeful Olympics truce Pence acts as a petulant child because the development threatens the permanent crisis the US so badly needs in East Asia.

His performance was so inflammatory that the US leadership is now backtracking and saying that Pence didn’t deliberately snub the North Koreans, but the far bigger insult was Pence not standing up for the Korean team along with his hosts.

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If anything good may come from Pence’s antics it may be that it helps South Koreans recognize the Empire is not their friend, certainly not the friend of Korean unity or peace on the peninsula.

Source: Checkpoint Asia

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