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Suicidal Think Tank Lady Says NATO Not Ready For War, Wants 120,000 Troops on Russia's Border

Like taking a bath with your toaster: Not a good idea, unless you want to die.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We have a problem. (And by "we" I'm obviously referring to arms dealers, Beltway psychopaths, NATO brass who are desperate to justify their own existence, Garry Kasparov, etc.)

NATO used to be so mobile and nimble, like the speediest of squirrels. During the Old Cold War, NATO divisions spent months of each year hopping around Germany in anticipation of the impending Russian invasion of Western Europe.

<figcaption>Don't do it NATO. Just. Don't.</figcaption>
Don't do it NATO. Just. Don't.

Now everything is different. NATO is not ready for war with Russia. NATO is like this guy (lady?):

NATO. Somewhere in Lithuania. 2017.
NATO. Somewhere in Lithuania. 2017.

Do you see the problem here? Yes, he should be conducting NATO drills in Poland, instead of trying to buy Pepsi while sitting in that ridiculous scooter.

We're quite serious. Do you know how many NATO troops are piled along Russia's border? Far too few. Not nearly enough to fight a war with the Russians. And since we obviously need to fight a war with Russia eventually, this is a very major problem.

Luckily a crazy lady who is obviously also a "Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council" has the solution:

[H]ow many NATO troops, accompanied by tanks and other equipment, should be moving across Europe in order to keep the wheels greased, and how often? Getting from five thousand to fifty thousand constantly exercising troops will be near impossible in the short term. “And the Russians would consider large exercises an escalation,” Bornemann warned. This year will, however, offer a good opportunity for NATO to show its teeth and speed. In September, Russia will again conduct a Zapad exercise, this time in the country’s west. Last year’s Zapad involved 120,000 troops. What if NATO were to conduct a similarly sized exercise at the same time?

Some people just want to watch the world burn. And many of these people write suicidal drivel for the Atlantic Council.

Such is life.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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