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The US Is Doing Everything to Make the Russian Elite Repatriate Their Money to Russia

Sanctions are doing Putin's work for him

Translated and captioned by Leo AT The Saker

News of the largest bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse freezing Russian assets of over $5 billion once again has proved that Vladimir Putin was correct. He after all warned businessmen to return their activities to Russian jurisdiction. The Kremlin is not responsible for all of those that didn’t listen. It looks like Donald Trump towards the end of his presidency will be presented with a Russian state medal. For what? It is for his actions which forces the return of capital to Russia.

Here’s fresh news on the topic. “The Swiss bank, Credit Suisse, freezes assets related to Russia that add up to around $5 billion to avoid being under US sanctions.” – says Reuters. “Credit Suisse, whenever it works, is cooperating with international regulators to ensure implementing sanctions, in this case, sanctions against Russia” – explained the representative of the bank.

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By the way, two more Swiss banks, UBS and Julius Baer, also expressed their readiness to implement the American decision of sanctions against Russia. What’s true is that these banks refused to tell about whether they froze the assets of certain Russians or not. I’ll remind you that this news falls on our heads almost on a daily basis. For example, a few days earlier, representatives of the US Department of Treasury said that there were hits taken on assets of Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska.

“Russian billionaire, Viktor Vekselberg lost $3 billion from the sanctions, his status decreased from $16.4 billion in April of this year to 13.5 billion dollars in July. This is said in the report of the US Deputy Secretary of Treasury, Sigal Mandelker, who spoke with him about it on the banking committee of Tuesday, August 21.

Vekselberg’s group “Renova”, due to restrictive measures was forced to separate with part of their assets in Switzerland and Italy. By getting caught under sanctions, billionaire Oleg Deripaska, according to estimates of the US Treasury, has lost about half of his fortune.”

Vekselberg’s group “Renova” denies that they lost money. Deripaska is just being quiet. However, independent from that, did they have enough time to put their money further away from the invisible hand of the US Treasury? It adds up to one thing. They’ll have to return their assets to Russian jurisdiction.

At least on the specially created offshore zones in the Kaliningrad region and straight. There’s simply no other options. If the US was able to even reach Switzerland, which was sometimes considered best for anonymous deposits, then why should they even consider other countries?

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Now all Russian businessmen deal with the smart and wealthy people as before. And the same thing with the stupid and disagreeable poorer rich people. Because only a very stupid person can believe the possibility to agree with the Gopnik [lower class petty criminal] in possession of their wallet.

“You can take from this stash of my banknotes, but don’t touch that one over there, because I need it myself.” Negotiation won’t work. The Americans will take everything they can reach, this isn’t their first time. And coming up for a reason is actually the easiest thing to do.

Even our outstanding fabler [Ivan] Krylov talked about it: “You are indeed guilty for me being hungry.” The sanctions war of the US with the whole world is unwinding. That means their hunger with each day is only going to increase.

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