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US Corona Super-Spreader - New Jersey Jewish Dr. at Pro-Israel Mega-Events Lobbying (i.e. Bribing) US Pols (Audio + Transcript)

Many of the top politicians exposed to Coronavirus are some of the worst offenders when it comes to selling their loyalty to the Israel lobby. Sweet justice.

Meet Dr. Alan Berger, Of Englewood NJ, an obstetrician at NYU Langone Hospital in New York City. Our very own super-spreader among Republican elites.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Medieval era antisemitic tropes of well-poisoning Jewish plague bringers gain newfound credibility this week after the hosts of the FTN podcast dig a little deeper into the identity of America’s original coronavirus super spreader.

It turns out that America’s super spreader attended both AIPAC and CPAC while knowingly infected with some sort of contagious illness. Not to be daunted by a little cough, even while coronavirus wrought panic overseas, our intrepid super spreader ate at a Shabbat dinner on February 28th, and held a gold level ticket that provided access to Republican lawmakers, four of whom are now self-quarantined, including Ted Cruz.

After the thousands of AIPAC and CPAC attendees returned home, coronavirus cases notoriously began springing up in Jewish neighborhoods in the Northeast, most notably New Rochelle, NY. NY Gov. Cuomo quarantined the city, summoning the National Guard to personally protect, deliver groceries, and distribute test kits to inhabitants, as medical staff elsewhere struggled to even find enough funding for kits for their own employees.

Regardless, NY and surrounding areas continue to grow unchecked as America’s coronavirus hot spots. 


To learn more about the identity of our super spreader, and the consequences of his actions, give this audio snippet a listen. Transcript follows below.

(Backup audio player in case YouTube decides to censor the original video)

From the FTN Website:

The tens of thousands who attended CPAC and AIPAC have all gone home, bringing with them a cornucopia of ideas about Israeli domination of the United States, its financial markets, media, academia, and corporations and how to leverage those through American Conservatism. As it turns out, that wasn’t all they came home with.

CPAC and AIPAC officials (let’s just call it JPAC) have been lax in their response to attendees who may have been in contact with corona carriers, with AIPAC sending three emails stating that “there is no identified risk to conference attendees at this time”. While neither AIPAC nor CPAC have identified the infected attendees at their conferences, New Jersey officials have indicated that a 55-year-old man from Englewood who attended CPAC was infected as Dr. Alan Berger, an obstetrician at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Jazz and James discuss JPAC Patient Zero Alan Berger and the fact that he likely knew before attending both conferences that he was sick with the virus.

Full episode:

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Transcript: the following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors, but it is surprisingly accurate.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:00:08] What we do know and are starting to learn more about is how this all got started in the United States. This is something that few people have touched on. And the story itself is starting to develop. And I think this is getting lost in the wash. You know, because the media is so focused on next update and next positive tests, announcement and so on and so forth. But I think TDS touched on this in the immediate aftermath of when this happened. But there've been some updates later this week about this.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:00:39] And this is ground zero for the virus in the United States. There were tens of thousands of devotees who attended the AIPAC conference and the C-PAC conference at the end of February. They've all gone home. Of course, bringing with them renewed and refreshed ideas about, you know, Israeli domination of the United States, its financial markets, media, academia and corporations, and, you know, how to leverage those things through American conservatism.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:01:07] But some of them also brought back from the conference Corona virus, at least five attendees from AIPAC and one from C-PAC. Two of Washington's marquee annual political events that are back to back this year, by the way, it's like one ended in the other one started it. You might as well just like have one PAC. Doesn't really make sense to have an AIPAC and a CPAC. Just like have one. Just have one PAC for it. That's it. But they do this, you know, for travel reasons. They know there's going to be a huge degree of overlap between the attendees of both events. But you have one, I think.

James Allsup: [00:01:40] Oh, yeah. Of all three of these conferences were headlined by Jews as well.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:01:44] Well, of course, they wouldn't have it any other way. So you've had a lot of positive tests coming out of these conferences and diagnoses that have rippled out to create quarantines and school closings from Cleveland to California.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:01:57] There's a huge, huge Jewish neighborhood in Cleveland. Neither AIPAC nor C-PAC would address reports on social media that the infected C-PAC attendee was also at AIPAC. Nobody wants to address those reports. But this is why you had New Rochelle, New York, being declared a contamination zone on Tuesday. You had schools and universities going online only. Many businesses asking employees to work remotely like all of this. You know, these deleterious effects originating from C-PAC, and AIPAC. And we may know who patient zero was you had Politico reporting that the C-PAC attendee with the virus ate at a Shabbat dinner on February 28th and held a gold level ticket that provided access to Republican lawmakers, including Ted Cruz, Matt Getts, Paul Gosar and Doug Collins, all four of whom are self-quarantined.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:02:51] Of course, then you have the Washington Free Beacon, which is a Nick Fuentes and Charlie Kirk adjacent Web site controlled by Paul Singer reported Tuesday that the infected person was at a VIP congressional reception on the opening night of the conference on February 26. Now, the thing here is that AIPAC has sent out at least three emails to its 18000 conference attendees. They sent the first one on Friday of last week, where they announced that at least two attendees had tested positive for the virus. But don't worry. AIPAC had consulted the public health officials in D.C., New York and Westchester County as as well as an independent epidemiologists from Texas A&M.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:03:34] Quote, The guidance of these health professionals continues to be that all conference participants should follow CDC guidelines and consult their health care providers if they feel ill. It's again, no shit. That's that's great advice.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:03:45] Like, you know, a stop sign has as much advice is what is packed into that sentence. If you test positive for coronavirus, we urge you to inform local health authorities so that they can properly coordinate their response. I mean that that email from AIPAC is just like fuck the fuck right off. If you have a problem like that's basically like the legalize. And this is to the attendees of their events. But these are people who I guess these are like this is the bread and butter of their, you know. But it's like you get the virus fuck off like we do. We don't have information for you. But then they said a second e-mail later that day said, yeah, there's no identified risk to conference attendees at this time. And then on Saturday, AIPAC sent a third email repeating that same statement that there is no identified risk to conference attendees at this time, but they offered more detailed information about the confirmed cases from the D.C. Health Department.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:04:40] Look, they were asymptomatic, meaning they were not experiencing symptoms like fever, cough, while in Washington, the information provided to us by New York indicates that both cases have no identifiable risk to anyone exposed to them. But you can confirm in multiple places that asymptomatic people are contagious for up to 14 days. So this is stupid. I mean, this is retarded. Not like I give a shit about the well-being. Welfare of people at AIPAC. But I do care about the people who those AIPAC people are interacting with in public inadvertently. Who don't know them and who are just going out and bumping into people and getting other people sick.

James Allsup: [00:05:19] So. Right, yeah. And the people that these AIPAC attendees are are handling the people that you'd like. You wouldn't want the paychecks to be contaminated when you receive them. That would set a dangerous precedent.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:05:31] It would, yes. So AIPAC officials, of course, have declined to answer any questions about its process of notifying attendees and how they came into contact with infected people, except to say, don't worry. We've been in close contact and in consultation with the federal and local public health authorities and are following their guidelines. And we'll continue to follow their guidelines and advise all who contact us to do the same. Basically, just fuck off. Additionally, we've been consulted in consultation with the attending physician of Congress. Like, yeah, right. I'm sure they have.

James Allsup: [00:06:06] Yeah. Basically, this is just one entire liability waiver being emailed out to the entire congressional listserv here.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:06:13] It's bad. And of course, you had I can't pronounce this person's name, but it's an epidemiologist from Penn State said, I don't know what evidence they used to say that there's no risk to conference attendees, but it didn't sound like there was no risk. It sounded like there was some risk. And of course, while neither AIPAC nor C PAC have identified the infected attendees at their conferences, New Jersey officials have indicated that a 55 year old man from Inglewood who attended C-PAC was infected. Daily Mail reported that this person is Dr. Allen Berger, an obstetrician at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:06:52] Deborah L. Deborah Hoffman. Hoffman, a spokes woman for NY U. Langone, said that Dr. Burger had voluntarily self-quarantined and was last hospitalized on February 24th. Well, OK, so say that again. Dr Burger was voluntarily self-quarantine and was last hospitalized on February 24th. So I just did a quick search because I don't attend these things and don't remember when they happened. Things go by in such a blur. C-PAC was February 26 through February 29th AIPAC. March 1st through March 3rd. Back to back a Jew on Jew events. So go back to what I just said. Dr Burger had voluntarily self-quarantine in his last hospitalized on February 24th.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:07:47] So this Jew went to C-PAC knowing that he was infected. With something.

James Allsup: [00:07:54] Right. Two days, two days after he was discharged from the hospital, he hops on that kosher clipper. And yeah, right down to D.C.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:08:04] Amazing. So he could not be reached on Tuesday of last week. His voice mailbox was full. But of course, because it's obvious he knew on day one of the conference that he was infected.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:08:17] So AIPAC, of course, is simultaneously working behind the scenes to have their names scrubbed from all the media stories. Now, it's simply being referred to as the conference. Right. Sort of like the lobby.

James Allsup: [00:08:29] Yeah. You know, I I like the description that they use in New Rochelle. Of the contamination zone. I think that should just be ascribed to AIPAC for now on.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:08:37] I think they should just rename the virus in the United States. Just call it the AIPAC virus. Why call it corona virus? This is where it started. This is where it all began. Dr. Alan Berger, you know, this guy should know better. But not just the flu, bro. I'm sure that's what he he taught here. He was saying. But, yeah, I mean. You know who else was at C-PAC games with Burgher, who interacted with Burgher?

James Allsup: [00:09:04] I have some some names. Who is it?

Jazhands McFeels: [00:09:07] It's Mick Mulvaney. Anybody seen that guy lately? Fucking gone. Remember, he got I think it was like two Fridays ago. He was unceremoniously jettisoned as the acting chief of staff for the president, of the United States.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:09:23] He's been totally gone. But we have some audio of him at the CPAC conference. He doesn't sound too well, if you go look up these videos of him speaking on C-PAC. He's also very sweaty. And some people might cope with that and say, oh, yeah, but the stage lights up up there. Well, they're not using, you know, six trillion watt heat lamps anymore like they used to. These are much cooler bulbs. And the other guy's not sweating. The guy that Mulvany like, hacked up a lung into his hand and then, like, shook his shook the other guy's hand. Of course, Mulvaney's gone and it may be because of coughing. I don't know. Let's listen to that.

Mulvaney: [00:10:02] While real news was happening and we were dealing with it in a way that I think you folks would be extraordinarily proud of. And that was serving the nation extraordinarily well.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:10:15] And he's just like it's it's like a deep if you go watch the video and there's a couple of these moments where he does this. It's like you can hear just the the it could just be normal sickness. But the guy is gone and he's been in direct contact with literally everybody who has been sick.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:10:31] We're going to get in to who? Who else has gotten sick from this? And in the people that have been in contact with all all of these people. But I don't know. I mean, you know. We're just gonna do benefit of the doubt. It's possible that maybe Mulvaney's not sick and Donald Trump just doesn't like coughing.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:10:50] We you know, I I don't remember us covering this, but back in the summer of twenty nineteen.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:10:56] This was this is a flashback. I guess this is in the Oval Office. Donald Trump was giving an interview with George Snuffleupagus and he said he like I guess Mulvany started coughing in the middle of Trump giving an interview in Trump.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:11:15] Trump got pissed and kicked him out of the room is pretty funny.

Trump: [00:11:19] At some point, they hope they get it. You know, at some point I might. But at some point up they get it because it's a film. It's a fantastic financial statement. It's a fantastic financial statement. And let's do that over. He's coughing in the middle of my answer. Yeah. I don't like that. You know, chief of staff had a cough. Please leave. 

Jazhands McFeels: [00:11:55] I mean. Yeah.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:11:56] And that's kind of like, you know, because a lot of people used to cope and say, you know, this article that's being written about Donald Trump having a meltdown or Donald Trump flipping out or Donald Trump, you know, because if you read an article from the media and it says multiple sources say that Donald Trump kicked Mick Mulvaney out of his office for thing in the middle of an interview, they'd be like, yeah, like a lot of like plan trusters. And now people Maga-tards and whatever will be like oh. This is just the media.

Jazhands McFeels: [00:12:23] Multiple sources say Donald Trump at Meltdown. But I mean, the guy like Mulvany apparently has a problem with coughing. So devil's advocate, maybe this was just one cough too much. Donald Trump's watching the C-PAC footage of Mulvany look like up on the stage and he's just like, I can't fucking take it anymore. Get this fucking mick out of here. Like, you know, I mean this guy. But yeah, I mean it is.

James Allsup: [00:12:50] Yeah. And then heard the sound of it that it was. It did not sound like a dry hack. Right. That sounded fairly productive as they say in the medical community. Yes. So. Yeah, yeah. Very productive.

Source: FTN Podcast
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