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The US Constitution: Victory for the Rich Over the People - Important History Every American Should Know

This excellent deep-dive is a great example of how FTN is making an invaluable contribution to a better understanding of America's current problems.

In it, the team analyzes how our current Constitution came to be, relying heavily on Charles Beard's famous 1925 socialist history of how the Constitution was hammered together: An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.

It is a fascinating and hugely important analysis which argues that the interest of the rich prevailed over the interests of the common people (mostly farmers), setting the framework for an ongoing conflict between money interests and the common people, which continues to this day.

An interesting side note is that European Jewish bankers saw great political and commercial advantage in backing the revolution, and ended up funding a large part of it. After the war, the new nation was bankrupt, and many believed they should default on the Jewish loans. But the rich, who stood to lose in such an outcome, prevailed, forcing the nation to pay back the loans and interest in full to the great hardship of the people.

This is a classic - every American should know this history.

McFeels and Ethnarch survey the events leading up to the decision to break away from Great Britain, and the one man who did more than anyone else to precipitate the War of American independence in his own self-interest - George Washington.

Post-war, we take an in-depth look at the original form of government under the Articles of Confederation and how it was fraudulently cast aside in favor of our current Constitution, which ultimately paved the way for our nation’s subversion and destruction today.

Most importantly, we look at who was in favor of it, who was against it, their motivations, and who benefited the most from its imposition – everything you never learned in school.

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:00 – Road to Revolution
00:05:00 – Destroyer of Town (and Country)
00:13:30 – The Ultraviolet Pill
00:19:00 – Articles of Confederation – Unfairly Maligned
00:27:00 – The Federalists and the Runaway Convention – Making the Perfect the Enemy of the Merely Good, and Legal
00:57:00 – Break
00:58:00 – The Fight for Ratification and Rise of the Anti-Federalists
01:21:00 – Break
01:22:00 – American Coup D’Etat
01:37:00 – Whiskey Rebellion
01:44:00 – Outro

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