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US Congress Earmarks $200 Million for Weapons for Ukraine

The new $612 billion (!!) US "Defense" budget proposal includes a provision for up to $200 million worth of US military equipment to be sent to Ukraine

KIEV, May 16, 2015 (Ukrinform) - The lower chamber of the US Congress has passed a bill that approves defense budget in the amount of $612 billion in the new fiscal year. The budget provides $200 million of aid to Ukraine, in particular in the form of lethal weapons.

The vote in the House of Representatives was held on Friday, an Ukrinform correspondent reported from the United States.

In particular, 269 congressmen voted for adoption of this document, while 151 ones were against its adoption. However, the US Presidential Administration has promised to put a veto if the document is submitted to the President for signing, mainly because of excess costs. To do this, a similar bill has to be voted in the Senate.

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