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Are Kerry and Lavrov Striking up a Friendship? (Audio Podcast)

And does it matter?

Kenneth Rapoza, a business writer for Forbes often featured at RI speaks to radio host Scott Horton of the Scott Horton Show and Antiwar Radio.

They talk about Rapoza's recent piece Are Russia and the US Starting to See Eye-To-Eye? and cover ground such as:

  • Are John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov striking up a personal friendship, and if so how much of an impact on US-Russian relations can that have?
  • How america's big oil actually wants good Russia relations, however, it is the defense contractors who want the opposite who run the show. 
  • How the defense industry was horrified by the end of the Cold War but rejoiced at the start of the 'new cold war'.
<figcaption>They look giddy alright</figcaption>
They look giddy alright

25 minutes, some commercials:

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