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US-Backed Regime Losing Control in Afghanistan

The American boondoggle in Afghanistan is a full-on, budget-busting disaster

NOTE: This is not some pointless report about someone using a "bad word" -- shock, horror! -- like most "news stories" these days. This is a real news story about important stuff, so read on...

The American Empire is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain its hold over its Afghan province, with Taliban and Islamic State forces launching increasingly devastating military and terrorist attacks in recent days. Luckily few of these have actually involved US forces on the receiving end.

For the past five days a major battle has been raging in the city of Ghazni, the seventh largest city in the country and one of its foremost historical centres. Elsewhere in the country there have been attacks in the capital city Kabul, numerous villages overrun, and military posts wiped out. 

The normal US strategy of moving in, building heavily defended camps, and then training up the locals to do any fighting in order to avoid "politically awkward" body bags being sent home, seems to be breaking down. Large areas of the country are now under control of the Islamists. 

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According to Long War Journal, the Taliban are in full control of 47 of the countries 398 districts, while partly controlling and contesting 198 more. 

Here is Time Magazine reporting on the eradication of a military base in the North of the country:

The Taliban overran a base in northern Afghanistan, killing 17 soldiers, even as Afghan forces battled the insurgents for the fifth straight day in the eastern provincial capital of Ghazni on Tuesday...

There were fears for the fate of the other troops from the base, known as Camp Chinaya, as the Taliban claimed that dozens had surrendered to them while others were captured in battle.

The attack in the north took place in Faryab province, in the district of Ghormach, according to the spokesman for the defense ministry, Ghafoor Ahmad Jawed. Along with the 17 troops killed, at least 19 soldiers were wounded, he said.

The Taliban had besieged the base, which housed about 140 Afghan troops, for three days before the massive push on it late on Monday night, said the local provincial council chief, Mohammad Tahir Rahmani.

This could almost be an account from a Victorian history book, with the besieged garrison cut off, demoralised, and finally overrun by an onrush of the "angry natives." Where was the US's air power?

Even though the American Empire rules the skies, it is clearly too stretched to provide support to such small garrisons, especially when its forces are required elsewhere to stop the attack on Ghazni or to defend Kabul.

Meanwhile hard-hitting use of air power always threatens to cause serious civilian casualties and thus further antagonise the locals. 

The absence of US troops in all of this is also glaring. Where is the US cavalry riding to the rescue? Probably here, enjoying a nice meal in their heavily fortified camp:

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Or possibly working hard to tick those all-important "inclusivity" boxes:


Even though there are still thousands of US troops in the country, some of them battle-hardened veterans, they are under strict orders to remain in the background and only provide support and training. 

The attacks in Kabul show that the enemy have the ability to "swim" in the local population like a fish in water, popping up to attack where and when they want. It is almost certain that the US-trained Afghan government forces are deeply infiltrated by the Taliban and Islamic State forces. 

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This means the government troop have divided loyalties and low morale. As the situation worsens, many of them are no doubt thinking of when and how to switch sides. 

The only way to turn this around would be to get the US troops out of their bases in large numbers and take the battle to the enemy. But that would lead to casualties and corpses which the US public is not prepared to swallow. 

But don't worry, the US has got a brilliant plan for winning this unwinnable war:


Yes, they are "unleashing hell" by training up Afghan women to go up into the mountains and take on the terrible Taliban. 

Not only is this guaranteed to be a military disaster, it will also piss off every male in Afghanistan. But as long as American cat ladies can have their feelz, who cares, right?

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The US is an empire, but it is definitely not a serious empire.

Source: Trad News
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