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Unparalleled Sympathy for President Putin in Syria

Ordinary Syrians consider the Russian president to be a saviour

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Contra-Magazine. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf

Russia’s president is enjoying popularity in Syria like never before. The reason for this might be the anti-terror mission of Russian forces. These forces were invited by Syria’s president Assad and have lasted since September 30th of last year. Above all, Russia supports Syria by providing humanitarian aid so that Syria can reestablish itself.

The Russia news agency Sputnik cites an article from Spanish magazine El Pais, stating that the popularity of President Putin has reached all time highs in Syria. Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has gained additional sympathy as well.

Now plans are being made that the Russian language should be the first foreign language to be taught in Syrian schools. Another indicator for President Putin’s popularity are the Putin fan items that are offered and sold in the bazaar located near the central Umayyaden mosque.

The people of Syria are demonstrating their thanks and appreciation for the efforts of Russian forces in the fight against the IS terrorists, who are mainly operating in the northern part of the country. Russian forces were invited by the elected president of Syria, Mr. Assad, and have now been in action since September 30th, 2015. Additionally, Syrians are pretty much aware about activities of the Western controlled propaganda, whose purpose has been to divide the Syrian people for years.  

Once can clearly deduce from the Twitter images that Syrian citizens are not impressed by lying Western mainstream media. President Assad and President Putin are overwhelmingly celebrated as heroes by the broad majority of the population.

This fact is well reflected in the press coverage of Spanish magazine, El Pais.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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